Nick Happ




  • Joined The Robert Weiler Company in 2018
  • Received his HVAC certification in 2014
  • Remodels homes in his spare time.

Experienced in office, commercial, and multi-family maintenance, Nick is the Maintenance Director in the property management division of The Robert Weiler Company. Nick directs all maintenance projects and provides assistance from our off-site property management office.

Before joining The Robert Weiler Company in early 2018, Nick had over 8 years of maintenance experience with 6 years of HVAC experience after receiving his EPA certification in 2014. Prior to working for The Robert Weiler Company, Nick worked in various multi-family residential complexes. Nick is involved in and oversees the maintenance of all our properties. Nick frequently participates in courses to further advance his maintenance education and is always helping where he can.

Nick was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Dublin, Ohio. Outside of work, Nick volunteers with his son’s sports and enjoys home remodeling, fishing, and working on cars.