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Industrial Real Estate is Killing It! The Columbus, Ohio CRE Trend for 2023

Industrial Real Estate TrendsIn the 2018 film Ready Player One, Columbus, Ohio, was depicted as the fastest-growing city on Earth in 2045. Why? Because it’s where fictional game developers James Halliday and Ogden Morrow of Gregarious Games launch the OASIS, a fully interactive immersive VR gaming environment where a growing percentage of the human population goes to escape.

While the well-received Steven Spielberg movie may have had thick overtones of a dystopic future, it is impressive that Central Ohio is so prominently featured. From a real-world natural and societal resource perspective, however, it also makes a lot of sense. Even without a mid-century dystopia (fingers crossed), Columbus, Ohio has long benefitted from various advantages. The Arch City is on a trajectory of commercial real estate greatness that overtakes the coasts, robbing them of their long-held Atlantic and Pacific appeal.

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Investing in Commercial Property for Sale in Columbus, Ohio? The Complete Beginner’s Guide! [2023]

Commercial Property for Sale in Columbus, OhioAre you a newcomer to buying commercial property for sale in Columbus, Ohio? Welcome to our thriving community! Not only is our neighborhood home to some of the largest U.S. retail and restaurant headquarters, but the Columbus, OH real estate and job markets have seen remarkable growth, too. As such, there is no better time than now to buy commercial real estate in Columbus, Ohio.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in our fantastic city, it’s time to dive into commercial property investment. Regardless of whether this is your first purchase or tenth, investing in commercial properties for sale comes with a unique set of challenges. So, with that thought in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive guide listing the top 5 tips for beginners, as well as a due diligence checklist, along with a list of pitfalls to avoid during the process. Also, find out what benefits the tax bill brings to the commercial real estate industry, particularly for Ohio investors; these benefits might motivate you to make that buy decision quicker than you thought!

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13 Tips for Negotiating Commercial Real Estate for Lease in Columbus, Ohio [2022]

Commercial Real Estate for LeaseIf you’re looking to lease commercial space, it’s helpful to have reasons to negotiate. Negotiating a commercial lease is the most important aspect of renting commercial real estate for lease.

There is no “standard” commercial lease agreement. A commercial lease can be customized by both parties. Landlords typically provide their own leases to prospective tenants of their commercial real estate for lease. However, their lease is only essentially a proposal. There is usually much room to negotiate.

It’s important that you carefully review the commercial lease agreement before signing. Fully understand all terms, costs, clauses, and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord regarding the commercial real estate for lease. Since a lease agreement is legally binding, you should have a commercial real estate lawyer review the document first. An attorney specializing in commercial real estate law can help you understand the terms, make sure your interests and rights are protected.


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Execute a Commercial Property for Lease in Columbus, Ohio: Key Points

Commercial Property for LeaseWhen executing commercial property for lease in Columbus, Ohio, landlords and business tenants have different perspectives and interests. Although no two leases are alike, typically, a core set of elements must be addressed. Before you lease commercial property, as a landlord, consider the following preparations and information that should be factored into any commercial space for lease. And if you’re looking for more information, our full guide on how to find and lease commercial space for rent is chock full of practical tips.

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Commercial Real Estate Agent vs Broker vs Realtor: What’s The Difference?

Commercial Real Estate Agent vs Broker vs RealtorWhen you think of the terms commercial real estate agent, broker, or realtor, do you use them interchangeably? We often give a name to someone who helps clients buy or sell commercial real estate without considering each unique position, their responsibilities, education, certification or licensing, and expertise. Muddying the waters further, each state in the country has different licensing requirements professionals must achieve to list and sell commercial properties. It’s no wonder commercial real estate agent vs broker vs realtor remains indistinguishable!

If you polled most individuals, a commercial real estate agent, commercial real estate broker, or commercial realtor are often considered the same. That said, understanding the nuances between a commercial real estate agent vs broker can help you make a better-informed choice when seeking a commercial investment property for sale. So, stay tuned to receive the actual definitions for a commercial real estate agent, broker, and realtor. And learn how each professional contributes to the industry.

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Don’t Miss Out on Warehouse Space for Sale – The Recession-Proof CRE Sector

Warehouse Space for SaleWhile the major news headlines speak of an impending recession, commercial real estate investors continue looking for market stability and profitability. That’s why warehouse space for sale in the Columbus, Ohio region has never looked better!

It’s easy to allow the naysayers to overshadow our optimism with the uncertainty of these challenging financial times; however, industrial real estate continues to be one of the hottest CRE sectors in the nation. And according to industry experts (and some of our own in our blog post on warehouses for rent), warehouse spaces will continue to grow for years to come.

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Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review: Essential Handbook to a Necessary and Influential 2nd Opinion

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review Essential HandbookIn the age of social media, we frequently ask friends and family for their thoughts on a subject. Unlike a commercial real estate appraisal review, most of the answers from “Facebook experts” are not fact-based; the responses on your social media post will range from beliefs to convictions to opinions.

Fortunately, we do not conduct commercial real estate appraisals on social media! And, the commercial real estate appraisal review process is not just a second opinion or a survey to friends or even colleagues; it is a required, in-depth analysis by industry experts. In most instances, such as public development projects or litigation cases, the commercial appraisal review is a mandatory examination of an appraisal report to spot mistakes, address errors in a CRE appraiser’s judgment or update information based on changing conditions due to the passage of time. Continue reading…

The Intel About Intel’s Columbus, OH Region Move (and Why Your Business Can Flourish Here, Too)

Intel Columbus OH MoveWhat’s so special about living landlocked in this part of the US? Residents of Greater Columbus, Ohio may rattle off a list that includes: friendly neighborhoods, down-to-earth people, stress-free rural living juxtaposed with affordable downtown living, vigorous four seasons, and yes, that famous Midwestern humility. But proximity to a new Intel Corporation fabrication plant whose construction might one day ease future global chip shortages might be another reason to love our region.

The groundbreaking for the $20 billion facility is slated to begin later this year and is expected to open by the end of 2025. That’s about 36 months to go, or a little more than three years, if you’re keeping score.

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The “Science” Behind Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Residential Commercial AppraisalWith the global economy rebounding from its pandemic lows, residential and commercial property hunters are again on the prowl, eager for exciting opportunities at optimal prices.

The question is, how exactly is property value determined? And how does the real estate appraisal process work? The following article delves into the “science” of residential and commercial real estate appraisal and discusses the steps to succeed.

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How to Conduct the Most Effective Columbus, Ohio Property Search

Columbus Ohio Property SearchManaging your Columbus, Ohio property search can seem like a daunting task. After all, there’s a lot to consider. But don’t worry! The Robert Weiler Company has gathered seven helpful tips, sure to assist you in conducting the best property search in Columbus, Ohio as possible.

As a full-service commercial real estate and appraisal firm with 85 years of experience, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. It’s what we do! Read on for our expert tips and tricks of the trade. Also, see why Columbus is a hot spot for commercial real estate investors.

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Anatomy of a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal: A Top 19 Q&A Guide

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Q&AFeeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of a commercial real estate appraisal? The process can be daunting, especially if you’ve never engaged in an appraisal for commercial real estate before. After all, it is a detailed activity that can look different depending on the scope and nature of your property.

To simplify and demystify the commercial appraisal process for you, we have addressed 19 of the most important questions asked. So, take a deep breath, read on, and be prepared to gain a deeper insight into this important topic of commercial real estate valuation. We believe that you’ll feel better informed, more confident, and maybe even a little enthusiastic when it is time to schedule a free consultation with a commercial property appraiser.

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What Is a Land Contract In Ohio? Full Guide [2022 Update]

What is a Land Contract in Ohio?In commercial real estate, buyers and sellers must be knowledgeable to make informed decisions. Are you familiar with a commercial land contract in Ohio, as well as the state-specific requirements? So, what is a commercial land contract in Ohio? Essentially, a land contract is an alternative financing option if you’re investing in:

  • Farmland or raw land
  • Multifamily housing
  • A commercial building
  • A home or condo

While a commercial land contract might be ideal for you, there are important details you need to know, first. So, what is a land contract agreement, and how does it work? Let us give you a lay of the land (pun intended)! Learn how you, the commercial real estate investor, can avoid the bank and make an agreement directly with the seller.

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Conservation Easement in Ohio: A Guide to Protecting Our Treasured Land

Conservation EasementThe importance of a fully modern open space preservation vehicle – a conservation easement in Ohio – cannot be better summarized than by our 26th President. Theodore Roosevelt, one of the nation’s original land protectionists, embodied the power and beauty of a conservation easement in the following quote:

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

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Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings for Sale in Ohio

Buying Apartment Buildings for Sale in OhioOhio is one of the top five tax climates in the United States, so it is not surprising that you are looking at the various apartment buildings for sale in Ohio as a lucrative investment. However, an investment in real estate is not something you should jump into without preparation. This purchase can be a great asset if you make a wise choice. Trying to determine how to find apartment buildings for sale in Ohio? Want to know how to buy an apartment complex for sale in Ohio? Are there best practices? This guide, containing the necessary steps and critical tips, will point you in the right direction.

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What is a Land Appraisal and How Is Land Appraised?

Ohio Land for Sale? Think Land Appraisal!When there is land for sale – whether raw acreage, farmland, commercial property, or residential – a land appraisal is the key component of the process. Any loan for a property is based on the appraisal value. As a land buyer, owner, or seller, understanding the true market value of the real estate in question is important. This will help you make the most of your land buying decision. But first, it’s important to understand what is a land appraisal; how is land appraised; who does land appraisals; what is the land appraisal process; and what to expect from land appraisals. We dive into these areas, below.

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Special Purpose Property Tips to Appraise, Buy & Sell [2022]

Special Purpose PropertyWith spring around the corner and signs of improvement for the pandemic, a feeling of rebirth is in the air across Ohio. But for up-and-coming neighborhoods with a special purpose property or unique properties for sale, the soon-to-be bloom time might as well be called boom time.

Something “special” is taking place in neighborhoods throughout the Columbus region. Just look towards Franklinton (just west of the Scioto River, subdivided into East and West), the Arena District, or once-downtrodden places like the Short North Arts District (running in a narrow strip along N. High Street from the convention center to 5th Avenue).

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Conservation Easements Pros and Cons: Keep Ohio Cool and Green

Conservation Easements Pros and Cons: Keep Ohio Cool and GreenSummer in the Buckeye State can be a sultry affair. And, surprisingly, one way to beat the heat may involve a unique land protection vehicle known as a conservation easement. From a climate perspective, a green oasis can help cities lessen their urban heat island effect.

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How to Best Search for Land to Buy in Ohio [2022]

Land to Buy in Ohio

Land investors choose land to buy in Ohio for many reasons. Unlike other investments of value, buying land is often a safe investment. Land is a limited resource, has permanence, and appreciates in value. In fact, land won’t depreciate, even raw and undeveloped land. Buying land in Ohio offers myriad uses if you follow zoning regulations. Ohio consistently ranks at the top for affordable living and business costs. And there is less competition when buying land than other real estate markets.

Below we provide insight into buying land in Ohio, what to consider, how to find land to buy in Ohio, hiring land brokers, and more!

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How to Become a Columbus Property Manager… and Earn $103,845! [2022]

Columbus Property ManagerHere in Ohio, the number of certified property management professionals is increasing – and with good reason. For instance, the median annual salary for a Columbus property manager is $103,845, according to as of August 29, 2022. And that amount does not include bonuses, commission, and benefits, as well as other factors that impact base pay. Now, also factor in great market access, the standard of living, and valuable tax climate; you can easily see why individuals seek out Columbus, Ohio as a place to start their property management career. Find out the full salary ranges as well as licensing and certification options to become a licensed property manager in Columbus, Ohio. We also explore multiple paths for property managers, including residential and commercial property management. This information may help you decide the path you want to take!

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Why Buy Land for Sale in Ohio in 2022? (45 Reasons)

Buy Land for Sale in OhioWhy should you buy land in Ohio? While many factors contribute to moving or a business relocating, the lower costs of living and doing business in Ohio are very appealing compared to the coasts. Since 2016, over 40 new companies that employ nearly 10,000 workers and pay $625M in payroll have relocated to Ohio from the coasts. If that isn’t convincing enough, below are more reasons to buy land in Ohio to move or expand your business; or many commercial investors choose to buy Ohio land for sale to flip for a profit.

Below, we explore how much an acre of land is worth (2022) in Ohio; why it’s a good idea to buy land in Ohio; the benefits of buying land to build a house or business; and we even detail some alternatives to buying real property… from your couch, if you’re not ready to buy land for sale. Ohio land buyers, start taking notes!

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