Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Q&A

CRE Appraisal Q&A

Do you have questions about a commercial real estate appraisal? Whether you have a basic understanding of the valuation process or deep knowledge of determining a commercial property’s worth, turn to our top 10 Q&A for an in-depth review of all things CRE appraisal. (And, no, we don’t solely appraise commercial real estate. We can look at your business, too! See our next resource, below.)

Business Valuation | Questions and Answers

Business Valuation

Do you know what your company is worth in today’s market? If not, check out our responses to the 12 most-asked questions in the business valuation arena. We’ll help you truly understand the inner workings of determining the value of a company.
Commercial Property for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

CRE Investor’s Guide

Is it your first time buying commercial property for sale in Columbus, Ohio? If so, you need the advice found in our comprehensive guide geared toward beginners and seasoned investors in the market. Discover 5 essential tips, plus our due diligence checklist and plenty of pitfalls to avoid.
Buy Commercial Real Estate: 6 Property Types

Guide to Buying CRE

Want to buy commercial real estate, but not sure which sector is best for your business? Jump into the deep end of the pool with our in-depth analysis of 6 property types, from industrial and retail to raw land and more.
Find & Lease Commercial Space for Rent


Guide to Leasing CRE

Navigate the competitive commercial real estate market with our complete guide to finding and leasing commercial space for rent in Columbus, Ohio. If you have questions about a commercial lease or want best practices for finding your ideal space, this is your go-to blog post for all of the essential information.
Selling Commercial Real Estate | Tips


Guide to Selling CRE

If you’re selling commercial real estate, it’s all about maximizing your return on your investment. Explore 24 in-depth, yet practical techniques to boost your potential ROI on 5 different property types.
Flipping Ohio Property for Sale


Guide to Flipping CRE

It’s an excellent time for buying and flipping a property for sale in Ohio! If you’re flip-flopping on the pros and cons of the prospects of buying, renovating, then selling real estate at a profit, check out our list of 24 focus areas.
Warehouse Rental Space in Columbus Ohio | Claim & Optimize


Finding Warehouses

There is massive demand for warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio! In such a hot market, commercial real estate investors should have a strategic approach to searching for warehouses. Check out our guide to preparing, finding, leasing, and optimizing your next industrial property.
Buying Apartment Buildings for Sale in Ohio


Buying Apt Buildings

Buying an apartment building can be a big-ticket investment with lots of moving parts to consider. Let us simplify the process for you! With 8 primary steps to buying the building and 8 vital tips to keep in mind, we’re confident that you’ll make a profitable decision after reading this blog post.


Guide to Mixed-Use

If you have mixed feelings about the prospects of mixed-use property for sale, read our guide on the live-work-play hybrid developments sweeping the nation! Discover four reasons behind the sector’s growing popularity, and learn seven distinct mixed-use property types.
Searching Farms for Sale in Ohio


Guide to Buying Farms

Did you know that the food and agriculture production industry employs over 60,000 workers throughout Ohio? The sector also boosts Ohio’s economy by contributing over $98 billion annually. This means that farms for sale in Ohio could be an incredible investment opportunity! Consider these tips and best practices when buying farmland.
Buy Land for Sale in Ohio


Guide to Land for Sale

We explore why it’s optimal to buy land for sale in Ohio, the benefits of buying land to build, and alternatives to buying… from your couch!
What is a Land Contract in Ohio?


Guide to Land Contract

If you are seeking unconventional financing options to purchase a commercial real estate property, consider a land contract. Discover the ins and outs, good and bad, and everything in between about this alternative lending vehicle. Both buyers and sellers will learn from this insightful guide.
Special Purpose Property


Guide to Special Use

What makes a special purpose property so… special? Whether appraising, buying, or selling, unique properties for sale require “out-of-the-box” (or out-of-the-building) thinking. Discover how our commercial real estate team values and brokers these specialty properties.
In-House vs 3rd Party On-Site Property Managers


Property Manager Tips

Where can you make the most profit from your #CRE this year? If you’re deciding between hiring in-house or 3rd party onsite property managers, our handy guide will help you choose the best solution.
Ohio Commercial Property Reassessment Drone

Reassessment Guide

A commercial property reassessment can be stressful, but there’s a silver lining! Commercial real estate owners can file a formal complaint about the updated valuation with the Board of Revision. Don’t accept a higher tax burden without a fair hearing. Check out this informational cheat sheet when the time is right for you! They just passed new legislation about this that makes it a little more challenging for property owners to contest taxes.