The Robert Weiler Company Timeline

About The Robert Weiler Company

From the creation of early multifamily communities to the acquisition and development of the most popular shopping centers, sporting venues, and other commercial properties in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas, The Robert Weiler Company has proven its continued passion for the Columbus, Ohio commercial real estate market, and markets throughout Central Ohio. Each decade has brought a new way of thinking, a different market, and an opportunity to blend our continued expertise with a splash of innovation.

Today, three generations of family leadership bring credibility, local market know-how, and financial savvy to the greater Columbus, Ohio area. But we are even more than that…

We have impeccable integrity.
We are professional.
We are detailed.
We are problem solvers.
We are leaders in the local commercial real estate market.
We are your neighbors.
We are your partners.
We are your full-service Columbus, Ohio commercial real estate company.


A Rich History in Central Ohio Commercial Real Estate

Columbus Ohio Commercial Real Estate & Appraisal FirmOpening our doors in 1938 was only the beginning. When A. Robert Weiler founded the Central Ohio-based company that bears his name, he not only had a passion for the commercial real estate industry, but a drive to help build a community. The corner of Broad and High would never be the same. Central Ohio is a tremendous community and we are honored to have a part in its growth.

In 1945, our real estate company began developing single-family housing; since then, we haven’t stopped. The Robert Weiler Company was responsible for the first FHA subdivision in Central Ohio. We always strive to have our hands in developing every part of this incredible, diverse community.

Our dreams of expansion continued through the 1970s as we continued to build apartment complexes, retail centers, and industrial warehouse developments in Central Ohio. During this time, our commercial real estate growth was coupled with various community projects. (While our business was expanding, our involvement in various community projects never waivered.)

Since 1985, when our current president and 3rd generation Weiler — Robert J. or “Skip” — joined, we have continued to push forward, deepening our ties to the Columbus community and expanding outward and upward throughout Central Ohio and beyond.


We Go to Work for You

Every day, our commercial real estate consultants work hard to ensure that our clients are well-informed and completely satisfied. We understand that when you decide to invest in commercial real estate — whether it is raw land for sale in Ohio or a commercial building in Central Ohio — you are making a big decision and taking on a significant acquisition. Our mission is to be there for you during every step of that process – as your commercial appraiser, commercial broker, property manager, and as your trusted partner. From your first question to your last concern, we’re there for you.

Our attention to detail means you can count on us to handle it right the first time. And our 85 years of experience means you can be assured that you will always have the backing you need through our CRE services.

Our Columbus, Ohio commercial real estate agency provides the following services:

We realize we couldn’t have made it this far without the community’s support. And we pay it forward the only way we know how: by committing ourselves to your commercial real estate needs.

The Robert Weiler Company is a Columbus, Ohio commercial real estate firm, founded on honesty and integrity. Call us today to get started: 614-221-4286.


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