7 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Properties for Sale in 2024

Multifamily Properties for SaleConsidering an investment in commercial real estate? Want to build a successful portfolio with an attractive rate of return? Investing in multifamily properties for sale may be a solid option for you.

According to CBRE, the U.S. multifamily real estate market enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2021 and remained steady in 2022. In 2023, this sector had a total investment volume of $117.5 billion, a net absorption of 84,800 units per quarter (over four times the pre-pandemic Q4 amount), and a national vacancy rate of 5.4 percent. While the multifamily investment volume in 2023 decreased by 60% year-over-year, the sector held the largest share (32%) of the total commercial real estate investment volume.


Strong economic conditions and demand for multifamily assets bolstered the unexpected multifamily real estate market boom. The typically popular retail, office, and hospitality markets slowly recovered after the pandemic’s onset, reinforcing the multifamily market’s resiliency. As a result, commercial real estate investors pivoted to invest in multifamily properties for sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Below are seven reasons to consider investing in multifamily properties for sale.

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Why Invest in Multifamily Property for Sale?

There are many beneficial reasons to invest in multifamily properties for sale, often apartment complexes. These reasons include reliable cash flow, easier financing, quicker expansion of your investment property portfolio, better management options, passive income, great potential for appreciation, and high demand for tenants. Buying a multifamily rental property for sale is a solid and often “safer” strategy for commercial real estate investors.


  1. Reliable Cash Flow

    Investing in multifamily properties for sale can result in a monthly cash flow you can rely on from rental payments. Even if one unit becomes vacant, you can still count on cash flow from other tenants.

  2. Financing is Easier to Obtain

    Securing a loan for multifamily real estate is surprisingly easier than a single-family home, even though the former can be much more expensive. However, you’ll be able to secure a single loan on multiple units as opposed, which is cheaper in the long run. Lenders will often consider the property’s potential for making money rather than basing their decision on the buyer’s credit. Because multifamily properties generate a strong and steady cash flow, many consider this type of commercial property a lower-risk investment.

    If you’re not convinced yet, consider this example: You have twelve tenants in your building, but one decides to vacate their property. That loss only equates to approximately 8 percent of your total occupancy; having a larger group of tenants within one property reduces your overall risk. Compare that to a single-family dwelling where losing a tenant may cost you 100% of your income for one or two months until you find a new tenant; it could also drop your yearly profit down to zero or even put you at a loss.

  3. Faster to Build Your Investment Property Portfolio

    It’s much easier to acquire twelve units in a multifamily property than it is to buy twelve separate single-family homes. Rather than obtaining twelve real estate appraisals, organizing twelve inspections, securing twelve loans, and possibly working with twelve different real estate brokers or homeowners at various locations, you can invest in a twelve-unit multifamily building and focus on each aspect only once. Investing in multifamily properties that include five or more units are typically categorized as commercial real estate investing, and provides better cash flow opportunities. By acquiring one or more multifamily properties for sale, you will save time, energy, and money; not to mention that you will quickly build a significant, income-generating commercial real estate portfolio!

  4. Cheaper and Easier to Manage

    Multifamily properties have a lower cost per unit since they have many shared services and features, resulting in lower expenses and a positive net monthly income. Maintaining one property with twelve units is much easier and cheaper than doing the same with twelve separate houses. This gives you more opportunities to update the property and increase its value. With a better cash flow, you’ll also have extra funds to hire a property management company.

  5. Passive Income

    Investing in multifamily properties for sale is usually an excellent way to earn passive income. As mentioned above, you can hire a property manager or property management firm with more cash flow. An on-site property manager will handle many (or all) day-to-day property-related tasks for you. You’ll now have extra time to evaluate other investments and continue to grow your commercial real estate portfolio.

  6. Higher Potential for Appreciation

    Ensure your multifamily property for sale is well-maintained and offers amenities that attract and retain ideal tenants. Doing so will allow you to raise rental rates and fill vacancies quickly. Upgrades such as adding security cameras, laundry rooms, and usable communal living spaces give you the opportunity to impact many tenants positively. Doesn’t it make sense to invest a relatively smaller amount of money to increase the satisfaction of multiple tenants while growing the overall value of your property? Additionally, particular renovations, such as updating the building’s exterior, only need to be done once for a multifamily property. In contrast, renovations to single-family properties would need to be done individually, resulting in multiple projects for each type of update.

    Maintaining your property to a high standard and securing a solid cash flow gives your multifamily property greater potential to appreciate over time. This translates to increased equity when you decide it’s time to sell.

  7. Demand Is High

    Multifamily properties for sale are in high demand, and the sector is forecast to grow. What is driving demand? First, Baby Boomers are retiring or preparing to retire, causing a vast influx of tenants into the multifamily market. With their children leaving the nest, Baby Boomers are downsizing in favor of a smaller space. Also, there is still a high percentage of Millennials who are not buying homes because they are either unable to afford them or choosing to invest their money elsewhere. Rental properties and condos are appealing because they offer updated amenities, higher-quality conditions, and added conveniences.


Are you ready to make your next strategic move and invest in multifamily properties for sale?

As an industry leader in the commercial real estate market in Columbus, Ohio, and Central Ohio, The Robert Weiler Company continues participating in the growing multifamily housing trend. This is one of the reasons we made a significant investment in HighPoint on Columbus Commons in Downtown Columbus several years back and why we continue to make strategic investments throughout the region today. As urban populations increase in density and priorities shift to preserving or developing more green space and better public transportation, we anticipate continued growth in this area.

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