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Which Ingredients Make the Perfect Hunting Land for Sale?

Hunting Land for Sale with DeerIf you are one of over 15 million avid hunters in the United States, then you know the importance of pristine hunting land for sale. Whether you are in search of the perfect place to visit with your buddies or a property where you can truly “live off the land,” there is a checklist that you must follow. So, what should you be looking for? What are the perfect ingredients that create ideal hunting land conditions? Before you write a sizable check to make that important purchase, be confident that you have the right components for hunting success.


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Why Buy Land for Sale in Ohio in 2023? (45 Reasons)

Buy Land for Sale in OhioWhy should you buy land in Ohio? While many factors contribute to moving or a business relocating, the lower costs of living and doing business in Ohio are very appealing compared to the coasts. Since 2016, over 40 new companies that employ nearly 10,000 workers and pay $625M in payroll have relocated to Ohio from the coasts. If that isn’t convincing enough, below are more reasons to buy land in Ohio to move or expand your business; or many commercial investors choose to buy Ohio land for sale to flip for a profit.

Below, we explore how much an acre of land is worth (2023) in Ohio; why it’s a good idea to buy land in Ohio; the benefits of buying land to build a house or business; and we even detail some alternatives to buying real property… from your couch, if you’re not ready to buy land for sale. Ohio land buyers, start taking notes!

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Special Purpose Property Tips to Appraise, Buy & Sell [2023]

Special Purpose PropertyWith spring around the corner and signs of improvement for the pandemic, a feeling of rebirth is in the air across Ohio. But for up-and-coming neighborhoods with a special purpose property or unique properties for sale, the soon-to-be bloom time might as well be called boom time.

Something “special” is taking place in neighborhoods throughout the Columbus region. Just look towards Franklinton (just west of the Scioto River, subdivided into East and West), the Arena District, or once-downtrodden places like the Short North Arts District (running in a narrow strip along N. High Street from the convention center to 5th Avenue).

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What is a Land Appraisal and How Is Land Appraised?

Ohio Land for Sale? Think Land Appraisal!When there is land for sale – whether raw acreage, farmland, commercial property, or residential – a land appraisal is the key component of the process. Any loan for a property is based on the appraisal value. As a land buyer, owner, or seller, understanding the true market value of the real estate in question is essential. This will help you make the most of your land buying decision. But first, it’s important to understand what is a land appraisal; how is land appraised; who does land appraisals; what is the land appraisal process; and what to expect from land appraisals. We dive into these areas, below.

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Tell-Tale Signs You Should Hire a Specialist in Real Property Management – Columbus, Ohio

Hire Real Property Management in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is home to many residential and commercial rental properties. In the past few decades, we’ve noticed a steady increase in building owners and landlords looking for help. Let’s face it, real property management is a long-term endeavor, and not everyone has the time to perform real property management. You are not alone! Maintaining and running a commercial property can quickly become overwhelming. Do the following six statements ring true for you? If so, they may be signs that you need help from an on site property manager for hire!

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What are Land Brokers? Dig Into Their Key Roles and Responsibilities!

What Are Land Brokers?Are you interested in learning about land brokers – including their responsibilities, the types of transactions they specialize in, and whether this might be the right career path for you? Well, you came to the right place! We, at The Robert Weiler Company, have highlighted important information that we think you’ll find helpful. As one of the top commercial real estate firms in Columbus, Ohio, we’re here to provide you with everything you may want to know about this field. Let’s dig into this interesting, challenging, and rewarding field.

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Get the Dirt on Ohio Farms for Sale: How Soil Factors In

Ohio Farms for Sale | Soil FactorsAny commercial real estate purchase is tough to make, but this especially rings true when deciding to buy Ohio farms for sale – requiring the buyer to decide after weighing many pros and cons. Farmland is valuable, so if you make the right decision, you may have gotten yourself a quality investment. But if you don’t consider all advantages and disadvantages, you may have bought yourself a headache.

Deciding to research and then buy Ohio farms for sale is undoubtedly challenging. The complex factors involved, particularly regarding soil, can make your decision harder. Find out which factors you should pay attention to, below.

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Execute a Commercial Property for Lease in Columbus, Ohio: Key Points

Commercial Property for LeaseWhen executing commercial property for lease in Columbus, Ohio, landlords and business tenants have different perspectives and interests. Although no two leases are alike, a core set of elements typically must be addressed. Before you lease commercial property, as a landlord, consider the following preparations and information that should be factored into any commercial space for lease. And if you’re looking for more information, our full guide on how to find and lease commercial space for rent is chock full of practical tips.

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17 Tips to Find the Perfect Office Space for Rent in Columbus, Ohio

Office Space for Rent in Columbus, OhioDoesn’t it feel as if you only just moved into your current office? And already, here you are searching for the next perfect office space for rent in Columbus, Ohio, to suit your expanding team better.

Acquiring office space for rent in Columbus, Ohio has never been a wiser decision than now. Ohio is home to the headquarters of 27 companies on the U.S. Fortune 500 list. Six of those companies are headquartered in the Greater Columbus area: American Electric Power, Bread Financial, Cardinal Health, Huntington Bancshares, L Brands, and Nationwide. In fact, Columbus ranked as the #1 metro area in the United States for Global 500 headquarters!

With all that you have on your plate, when you search for office space Columbus, Ohio has to offer, it can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. So, how can you get started on your quest today? And what should you take into consideration? Find the answers to these questions and more, below.

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Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings for Sale in Ohio

Buying Apartment Buildings for Sale in OhioOhio is one of the top five tax climates in the United States, so it is not surprising that you are looking at the various apartment buildings for sale in Ohio as a lucrative investment. However, you should not jump into an investment in real estate without preparation. This purchase can be a great asset if you make a wise choice. Trying to determine how to find apartment buildings for sale in Ohio? Want to know how to buy an apartment complex for sale in Ohio? Are there best practices? This guide, containing the necessary steps and critical tips, will point you in the right direction.

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Warehouse Space in Columbus, Ohio: 17 Actionable Steps to Find, Lease & Organize Your Next Hub

Warehouse Space in Columbus, OhioWarehouse space in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the United States is disappearing as it’s becoming scarcer and pricier. However, thanks to the continuing popularity of e-commerce and online sales, the demand for warehouse space for rent is rising. This is particularly the case in the major population centers.

The pandemic created a spike in e-commerce sales and the need for data centers, transforming the industrial real estate market nationally and locally, in Columbus, Ohio. The demand for industrial space for lease has increased exponentially. Industrial real estate investors and developers can’t add new properties to the market fast enough. Almost one-third of new warehouse space for lease is snatched up before the construction project is complete. This is why we are seeing record-breaking low vacancy rates for warehouse space for rent and lease, as well as warehouse space for sale.

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52 Tips to Negotiate an Office Space for Lease in Columbus, Ohio [2023]

Negotiate Office Space for Lease in Columbus, OhioAre you searching for office space for lease in Columbus, Ohio? The region certainly has a lot to choose from, providing you understand the best methods for your search for office space. Once you find that dream office, though, you have to rely on your preparations and negotiating strategies to get the best lease price and terms of the space. You’re likely here because you want to learn some tactics. The best thing you can do is strategize, research, learn, and ask plenty of questions; doing so will ensure that you understand the lease well and level the playing field when negotiating. This comprehensive guide, packed with 52 top tips, will help you fully prepare so you enter the negotiation with confidence.

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Selling Commercial Real Estate? 24 Practical Techniques to BOOST YOUR ROI on 5 Different Property Types

Selling Commercial Real Estate | TipsWhen selling commercial real estate, the favorite phrase, “A little bit goes a long way,” holds much truth. Before listing and showing your property, a wide range of tasks can, and should, be undertaken to increase the chances of a sale and boost the potential ROI.

A study by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association found that something as simple as landscaping can potentially increase a commercial property’s resale value by 14 percent. And, even more surprisingly, landscaping can also increase the time it takes to sell commercial property by as much as six weeks.

With some as straightforward as cleaning up, and others requiring an investment of a few thousand dollars, each recommendation is aimed at increasing the profit of your commercial property. Below are 24 practical tips to improve any of the five major types of commercial real estate.

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In-House vs. 3rd-Party On-Site Property Managers: Which Is Best for Your CRE?

In-House vs 3rd Party On-Site Property ManagersWhen it comes to property management – and property management companies – a great debate rages on. Which is better: 3rd party on-site property managers or an in-house property manager? In some sense, it’s a debate as old as the commercial real estate industry itself; a profession that started unofficially in the 19th century. (Consider that it was only a few short decades after Founding Father, elder statesman, and successful businessman Benjamin Franklin passed into history.

No stranger to offering business-related sage advice, Benjamin Franklin was fond of reminding us all that “death and taxes” were the only two certainties in this world. While Franklin knew that death and taxes were guarantees, how those taxes are paid, and who’s managing the properties taxed is anything but certain. Then, as now, there are two schools of thought: third-party on-site property management companies vs. in-house property management (or “self” management).

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Commercial Real Estate Listings – Columbus, Ohio: How to Choose a Location for Your Business

Commercial Real Estate Listings - Columbus, OhioWhat sets a business apart from others often stems from the location where they searched for commercial real estate listings. Columbus, Ohio is a diverse city with various areas that appeal to many people. As a result, choosing the area that is best suited for your business takes careful consideration. Though choosing may seem easy enough, as there are a lot of great locations to choose from within the Columbus metro area, it takes much research and due diligence to decide on a location that is the most ideal for your business. After all, location is one of the most critical elements that can affect your business’s success. The right location is essential if you expect foot traffic. Below are some points to consider, before beginning to search for the future location of your business.

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Your Ohio Commercial Property Reassessment Cheat Sheet [2023 Update]

Ohio Commercial Property Reassessment DroneWith recent headlines focused on politics, protests, and international disputes, Ohio commercial property owners may have overlooked or forgotten that a statewide property tax reassessment (also referred to as a reappraisal) is underway.

Ohio law stipulates that a comprehensive property reassessment is completed every six years, with an update at the three-year midpoint. Auditors from across the State spend years evaluating a select list of criteria to determine a property’s value and, thus, its new tax rate. As Ohio business owners know, a lot can change in that time. For some, that means they can expect a tax hike. For others, it might mean a decrease. Lastly, some commercial property owners will see a negligible difference, regardless of the appraisal.

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8 Sustainability Trends Driving Commercial Real Estate for Earth Day

Green Commercial Real Estate TrendsOver half a century ago, the United States inaugurated a special day, April 22, as Earth Day. As we commemorate the global phenomenon, The Robert Weiler Company is excited to announce that the green movement is alive and well in the commercial real estate industry.

What began in 1970 as a localized, American movement, is now celebrated by 192 countries. The goal is simple but profound: raise awareness regarding humanity’s impact on the global climate and how, collectively, we can affect positive change. Commercial real estate developers are ensuring that the goal of Earth Day is being met, as evidenced by widespread initiatives in green design and sustainable building.

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How to Find a Property Manager Company in Ohio

Property Manager Company in OhioAs an investor, you know that income-generating properties can bring a reliable monthly cash flow and build long-term wealth. You’ve also learned that much time and effort goes into managing investment properties. To maximize your return on investment, you must hire a licensed property manager company in Ohio to oversee the daily operations. Hiring the wrong property manager can result in missed rent, vacancies, poor maintenance, tenant dissatisfaction, and financial loss. However, hiring the right person or company can greatly enhance your finances, free time, and your property’s reputation.

So, how do you find the best property manager companies in Ohio? This guide will help you find the perfect candidate for your requirements.

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Commercial Property Manager Maintenance Tips for Every Season in 2023

Commercial Property Manager Tips

Commercial property management is a year-round task as weather changes can bring unexpected complexities throughout the seasons. This is the case for any property manager, from off-site property management companies to professional on-site property managers, and especially for inexperienced property owners. Every season poses a unique set of challenges. The commercial real estate investment property you oversee must be ready for any weather condition, regardless if you’re encountering winter snow or summer winds. Managing apartment buildings, or an office, retail, or warehouse space? Get out your calendar and start jotting down these property manager maintenance tips to follow during each of the four seasons.

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Celebrate Central Ohio Real Estate During Fair Housing Month [2023]

Central Ohio Real Estate | Fair HousingDid you know that April is known as Fair Housing Month in the Central Ohio real estate community and nationwide? This year marks the 55th anniversary of the landmark celebration that is a commitment to equal opportunity for every community. Each year, we recognize the importance of this event and reconfirm our commitment to upholding fair housing laws through our property management services; we accomplish this through our commitment to offering equal CRE services to everyone throughout their commercial real estate journey.

As you look at prospective investors of residential and multifamily properties (as well as commercial properties), join us in taking fair housing in our great region seriously – not just this month, but every month. Learn more about Fair Housing and what you can do to get involved, below.

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