The Robert Weiler Company: Finding You Commercial Properties Available in Central Ohio

Commercial Properties AvailableAre you looking at the various commercial properties available right here in Central Ohio? Consider these 6 reasons why Central Ohio is the prime area for an investment:

  • Columbus now has the second-largest economy in Ohio; the Columbus region holds financial and business services that account for nearly $130.8 billion in economic output, annually.
  • 35% of the population in the Columbus region, aged 25 or older, holds a bachelor’s degree or higher – making them a highly employable job force.
  • Ohio is ranked as one of the top three most business-friendly tax climates in the United States by both KPMG and Ernst & Young.
  • There is no corporate income tax, and inventory tax, and personal property tax in Ohio.
  • Ohio commercial property tax ranks 11th lowest in the United States.
  • The annual cost of living in Ohio is 10% less than the national average.

Now that we’ve got your attention, find out how you can leverage the expertise of our multifaceted team of commercial real estate professionals. And learn some property search tips along the way!

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First Things First: Hire a Trusted Commercial Real Estate Firm

There is a vast difference between looking at just any commercial real estate available in Central Ohio and finding a property that checks off all of your boxes. Commercial real estate can be complex. Without an understanding of the market, industry, and community, you may find yourself lost in the woods without a map. Fortunately, you have a commercial real estate brokerage firm that has been a staple in the region available to help: The Robert Weiler Company.

Established in 1938, The Robert Weiler Company is a group of experienced commercial real estate professionals specializing in all areas of CRE. Backed by 80 years in business, our local market knowledge and industry expertise provides a competitive advantage for clients interested in leasing, selling, or buying commercial property available in Central Ohio.

Our commercial brokers and agents approach each assignment by formulating extensive analysis to facilitate the short- and long-term goals of the investors, property owners, landlords, and tenants we represent. We are committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and keep their best interests at the forefront of all undertakings.

As mentioned above, the focus of our commercial real estate brokerage services is tri-fold:

  1. Sales: Find commercial properties available on the market that are most suitable for your needs.
  2. Acquisition: Help you purchase your property at the best rate.
  3. Leasing: Develop and maintain a profit on your commercial real estate investment in the market.

(Pro Tip: How to Conduct the Most Effective Columbus, Ohio Property Search)


Diverse Commercial Property Types

No matter the type of available commercial property you are seeking, The Robert Weiler Company is the commercial property broker you need. We manage diverse types of commercial properties for sale in Columbus, Ohio and throughout Central Ohio:

  • Office, including office space and office buildings
  • Healthcare, including medical office space and medical office buildings
  • Retail businesses and properties, including available retail space, free-standing stores, strip malls, shopping centers, and shopping malls
  • Industrial properties, including industrial space, warehouse space, and industrial parks
  • Land, including commercial land, raw land, and farmland
  • Multifamily properties, including apartment complexes
  • Hospitality, including restaurants and night clubs
  • Entertainment and sporting venues
  • Flex properties
  • Residential income properties


Multi-Faceted CRE Approach

Once you know what type of property you are looking for, the next step is to know how to go obtain it. The multi-faceted commercial real estate professionals at The Robert Weiler Company have decades of experience in the industry and market. They can assist you through every step of the process:

  • Commercial property search: What are you looking for and how can you purchase it?
  • Real estate brokerage: Do you know the best approach to sales, acquisition, or leasing?
  • Commercial appraisal: Are you getting the most value for your dollar?
  • Real estate development services: How can you maximize your investment and the value of your property?
  • Commercial property management: Do you have the capacity to run your investment once the property is up and running?


Ready to See The Best Commercial Properties Available for Your Needs?

At The Robert Weiler Company, our team focuses on more than just sales; our passion is in building a community in Central Ohio. When you come to us for your commercial property needs, you are partnering with a company that wants to work with you to not only grow your business, but also the entire community around you. Who better to be invested in your success than one of the most longest-standing commercial real estate companies in Columbus, Ohio?

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