9 Tips to Find the Perfect Office Space for Rent in Columbus, Ohio

Office Space for Rent in Columbus, OhioDoesn’t it feel as if you only just moved into your current office; and already, here you are searching for the next perfect office space for rent in Columbus, Ohio for your expanding team?

Acquiring office space for rent in Columbus, Ohio has never been a smarter decision than now. In fact, Columbus is ranked as the #1 metro area in the United States for Global 500 headquarters! With all that you have on your plate, searching the office space Columbus, Ohio has to offer can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. So, how can you get started on your quest today? And what should you take into consideration? Find the answers to these questions and more, below.

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The number one factor you should consider when looking for officespace is your needs. Financial obligations are clearly significant; however, you want to rent office space that is adequate for the purpose it will serve. Take the time to find an affordable space that will suit your needs, both short- and long-term. Think about working with a commercial real estate firm in Columbus, Ohio. A commercial broker can better help you search for office space. And having local and industry market expertise, a Columbus-based commercial broker can help you find the right space that suits your goals and budget.

5 Factors to Consider When You Search for Office Space for Rent in Columbus, Ohio:

  • Location, location, location – A “prime” location will cost more, so consider what that means for you and whether it is a priority.
  • Square Footage – You should calculate the necessary square footage per person rather than as a whole space.
  • Rental Agreement or Lease* – Are there parts of the agreement or lease that you cannot oblige? Can you make changes to the property? How flexible are your rights as a tenant?
  • Growth Potential – Is there room for your business to expand in this office?
  • Function – What purpose will your office space be serving beyond a place for your employees to perform their duties? Will clients visit the site? Will you need conference rooms?

Keep in mind that every rental agreement and lease will come with fine print. Whether you choose to buy or rent office space Columbus, Ohio has to offer, there are certain things you must oblige. Are you prepared to be held accountable for the fine print?

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4 Pertinent Precautions:

Once you have decided on a commercial property, consider taking these necessary precautions:

  1. Obtain a property appraisal (if purchasing office space for sale).
  2. Carefully review and understand the mortgage/rental costs and terms, as well as your rights.
  3. Consider property insurance (if buying) or rental insurance (if renting).
  4. Fully understand all costs involved besides the rental or purchase price. The biggest mistakes you can make is to invest in office space without understanding all of the additional costs involved, and not budgeting properly. You do not want to take your business’s success and turn that into a setback with a new office.

Hire a Commercial Broker to Find Office Space for Rent

When you onboard a new employee in your office, remind that person that there are no questions too small. When it comes to commercial real estate, the same cliché holds true. Consider speaking with the professionals at The Robert Weiler Company, providing top-notch commercial real estate services since 1938. Whether you need assistance with appraisal services, managing a commercial property, or finding the best office space for rent in Columbus, Ohio, contact one of our commercial brokers at 614-221-4286 to get started today.


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