A Closer Look at Ohio REALTORS: How Can They Help You?

Ohio REALTORSSince 1910, the Ohio REALTORS (formerly the Ohio Association of REALTORS, or OAR) has been working hard to protect Ohio real estate investments on behalf of homeowners and potential buyers; Ohio REALTORS aims to protect their rights, as well as the rights of their children and even grandchildren. Are you familiar with what they can offer you?

When it comes to protecting private property rights, Ohio REALTORS is your champion! Your home is your biggest investment and it requires the most protection. Having insurance, talking to a lawyer, and an Ohio real estate agent places you in the right direction; but when it comes to property rights, you really can never go too far for protection.

In addition to protecting private property rights for the public, this organization also offers services to its members.

Learn more about Ohio’s largest professional trade organization.

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What is the Ohio REALTORS?

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio REALTORS is a real estate association comprised of 30,000 members with one mission: protecting homeowners’ rights in Ohio.

Who are their members?

Ohio REALTORS is composed of real estate professionals are members of the local, state, and national associations of REALTORS.

What is their goal?

With the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics as their guide, Ohio REALTORS offers a way to protect residential property rights for the entire state of Ohio. They provide services to all members, ensuring that the public stays informed.

Their vision is simple: “To be the leading force advancing the real estate industry and preserving private property rights in Ohio.”

How do they make it happen?

Ohio REALTORS staff professionals continually seek out ways to meet the needs of Ohio property owners.

  • The Ohio REALTORS Policy Manual contains all of the policies necessary for Ohio real estate.
  • The Code of Regulations describes the organization’s structure and details exactly whom residents can turn to for assistance.

Within this organization, the purpose is to assist member associations, residents, and the realtors Ohio has to offer with their needs; this is accomplished by advocating for them, enforcing public policies, and anything else that would benefit the real estate industry as a whole.

What is their strategy?

We all know that it can be a challenge to meet the needs of so many, but Ohio REALTORS lays out a strategic plan that makes it objective and attainable.

Their goals include:

  • Protecting property rights and advocating for public policy
  • Developing thorough communication plans and providing effective information in a timely matter
  • Evaluating and recommending any necessary changes to structure in the industry, as well as analyzing effectiveness
  • Furnishing resources to member associations
  • Determining needs of member associations to enhance what they can provide
  • Providing professional development opportunities for Ohio realtors
  • Producing networking opportunities

Meetings take place at conferences and conventions where association members can learn and engage in the industry.

In Ohio, where real estate is a top investment, it is imperative that organizations like this one thrive.


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