TOP 5 Complaints About Commercial Realtors in Columbus, Ohio

Commercial Realtors in Columbus, Ohio | ComplaintsAs commercial realtors in Columbus, Ohio, sometimes we may feel like no matter what we do, Murphy’s Law gets in the way and something goes wrong. A commercial realtor has a lot of responsibility on their plate – you know, making investors’ property dreams come true and all – as they are dealing with huge investments. But unfortunate circumstances can happen.

How can you prevent them from happening? The best thing you can do is understand some of the biggest complaints buyers and sellers have about commercial realtors, and aim to avoid those mistakes!

Some might be human error, and some might be poor luck. Our CRE realtors scoured the Internet to find the top 5 mistakes commercial real estate buyers and sellers complain about.

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1.) Poor Communication

Unfortunately, poor communication seems all too common. As commercial realtors in Columbus, Ohio, we must remember that purchasing Columbus commercial real estate is a big personal and financial decision. Buyers and sellers need to build trust in their commercial realtors. You must keep an open line of communication, and be in touch with your clients frequently. As a realtor, you do a great deal of work on your clients’ behalf; but they won’t know about it if you don’t tell them what you are doing and the results you’re achieving.

2.) Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is tough for commercial realtors – it can result in a lawsuit if not handled properly. This breach is a cause of action based upon the claim that one or more parties failed to perform under the terms of a contract. Commercial real estate agents and brokers must perform their due diligence to be certain that all bases are covered to avoid this mistake.

3.) Negligence

Negligence is usually intentional. Commercial realtors in Columbus, Ohio may be accused of this in cases where the buyer or seller assumes that the realtor knew something detrimental but purposely withheld that information. For example, a commercial real estate agent knows there is termite damage to a property but doesn’t reveal it to the buyer.

4.) Misrepresentation of Property Value

Misrepresentation of property value can occur when there are discrepancies in what the commercial realtor discloses about value; for example, the appraised value of a property versus the actual estimate or real value of the property.

5.) Pressure

Some people feel that a commercial realtor may push too much in one direction or the other. This accusation can come about due to the feeling that there is a conflict of interest involving honesty or commissions.

Make Sure You Know the Ins and Outs the Columbus Real Estate Market

If a buyer is unfamiliar with the area they are considering investing in, they should feel confident in their local knowledge of their commercial realtors. Columbus, Ohio is home to many areas with vastly different demographics. Your client is contacting you for your expertise in the Columbus real estate market. Ensure you know every district — not only in the demographics but also the comparable properties.

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At The Robert Weiler Company, like anyone else, we cannot say we are perfect. However, we do strive for perfection and complete client satisfaction. In the unlikely event of a hiccup, we would make it right. We want you to be happy with your commercial real estate investment, no matter which needs we are servicing; our suite of CRE services range from appraisal and development to property leasing and the purchase or sale of a property. Contact one of our experienced commercial realtors in Columbus, Ohio today at 614-221-4286.


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