Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying Raw Acreage for Sale in Ohio: 3 Tips

Acreage for Sale in OhioWhat if we told you that buying raw acreage for sale in Ohio required more research and involvement than buying a home; would you believe us?

Purchasing a home, believe it or not, is usually pretty cut and dry. Buying raw land in Ohio, however, can be a bit more complicated. There are many elements that you need to consider. You have to be sure to perform your research so that you do not end up with the raw end of the deal, so to speak.


Before You Sign on the Dotted Line…

Investing in raw acreage for sale in Ohio can be a wise investment, as long as you are wary of some of the pitfalls that many investors tend to fall into when they are not careful. You can avoid them with the following:

  1. Zoning Restrictions: So you bought a large piece of land and intended to build an apartment complex on it. However, did you consider whether or not zoning allowed for that? Many investors do not consider what the legal limits of zoning allow for. Depending on where exactly the Ohio acreage for sale is located, there are many restrictions that the county will put on the land based on what they feel its purpose is. Be wary of that before you make a purchase decision, as this will impact your return on investment.
  2. Dirt is Not Just Dirt: Many people don’t realize that something as simple as the dirt on the ground is an important consideration. What kind of dirt do you have? Did you ever think you would need to ask that?! Are you on an old military base or garbage dump? Were there old tanks on your property? You will need a geological report to determine this. You can bet that any individual or entity who buys or rents this acreage for sale in Ohio in which you have built on will want to know the answers to these questions; and it will impact the value of your property at the end of the day.
  3. Cost of Utilities: This is two-fold – Be sure that your land has access to utilities; and be sure that you consider the cost. Many investors do not consider this added expense in their budget, and it sure can cost a lot. You will need permits; you will need access; and you will need installation.


Ask The Experts About Buying Raw Acreage for Sale in Ohio

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