8 Financial Analysis Apps For The On-The-Go Real Estate Investor

Financial Analysis Apps

Are you a real estate property investor? Wouldn’t it be convenient to get the value of your property at the palm of your hand? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are in luck. There’s an app for that!

Financial analysis apps offer real estate investors a huge advantage, enabling the user to conduct more business on the go and in real-time, without having to go back to the office to crunch numbers or generate reports. With these apps, investors can make those split-second decisions on a property bid and close more deals by efficiently obtaining critical information they need in the moment. Also, check out our top 20 gifts for real estate investors.

Below is a list of mobile apps, in no particular order, which offer reliable financial analysis and solutions for your commercial real estate property:

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Real Estate Master IIIx

Price: $9.99 | Team: Calculated Industries, Inc. | Platform: iOS, Android
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Tag Line: Simple to Use Residential Real Estate Finance Calculator

Real Estate Master IIIx is a simple real estate finance calculator that gives real estate investors, agents and other mortgage industry professionals the ability to provide instant financial answers and expertise to their clients. The app can quickly solve for PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance) and other hypothetical situations; calculate future value and property appreciation, and show rent vs. buy cost comparisons among many other functions. Data and forms can be easily emailed to clients, allowing agents to instantly answer client questions and close more sales.


Qualifier Plus IIIx

Price: $19.99 | Team: Calculated Industries, Inc. | Platform: iOS, Android
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Tag Line: Advanced Residential and Commercial Investment Real Estate Finance Calculator

From the same makers as the Real Estate Master IIIx, comes a more advanced real estate finance calculator app. Ideal for real estate industry professionals, this app provides instant solutions to advanced and complex real estate finance problems. This app also provides information on P&I, PITI, and total loan payments for conventional, FHA and VA loans, cash flow solutions, complete on-the-spot buyer qualifying, and more.


DealCheck: Analyze Real Estate

Price: Free (Starter), $10/month (Plus), $20/month (Pro) | Team: Fortnoff Financial LLC | Platform: Web, iOS, Android
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Tag Line: Property Analysis, Simplified

DealCheck is an in-depth investment property analysis app that analyzes cash flow, cap rates, closing costs, ROI, and more for commercial real estate investments, leases, and loans. Simply import property details from public records or enter them through a step-by-step guide. The app will then provide a complete analysis of the deal. You can share detailed reports from the app. Due to its cloud syncing capability, your data is available on any device.


Real Estate Investing Analyst

Price: Free | Team: Serelyn LLC | Platform: iOS
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Tag Line: The world’s most popular app for evaluating real estate investment properties and projecting cash flows.

A user-friendly, yet refined app, for evaluating residential and commercial real estate investments, structuring mortgage financing, and determining pricing based on property valuation metrics. This app includes functionality beyond what other apps offer, such as a Financing Likelihood Indicator, a great way to measure whether financing is feasible. Not to mention, the Real Estate Investing Analyst has a global user base to source and download global property data and assumptions, as well as share data and find buyers or investment partners.


Real Estate Pro

Price: $0.99 | Team: Openview Publishing | Platform: Microsoft (only for Windows 8)
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Tag Line: It has everything, all that you want for investments and all you need for managing rental property.

With over thirty functions, this app has everything you need for managing investments and rental properties. Billed as a ‘Real Estate Decision Support System’ for residential and commercial property owners and investors, this app helps you answer all the most frequently asked questions – How much does it cost? Can I afford it? How much will I make? Built for ease of use, this app will help you with all your real estate needs.

(Note: This app was previously available in the App Store but has since been removed. We’ll periodically check back to see if it returns.)


Commercial Site Inspector

Price: Free | Team: Real Integrated Technology, LLC | Platform: iPadOS (only for iPad)
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Tag Line: Built by industry professionals for industry professionals

A commercial site inspection platform combining a mobile app with a web-based project management portal, CSI is a commercial site inspection solution that allows you to perform, review, and report on your site inspections on an efficient and intuitive interface. Upload pictures and maps, easily switch between sites, and generate and email PDF resorts directly to clients. All information collected on the app is synced with the CSI database and accessible via your web-based account, as well.


Property Evaluator – Real Estate Investment Calculator

Price: Free | Team: iMLS LLC | Platform: iOS
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Tag Line: Fast and Easy Real Estate Investment Analysis On the Go

Calling itself ‘the most powerful real estate investment analysis software,’ Property Evaluator allows you to analyze real estate investments on your device and email professional and compelling PDF reports to clients, partners, etc. The app will enable you to edit and update information on a property, view performance projections to make clear comparisons between properties, and automatically updates when you change the number of years of the holding period.


Property Fixer – Real Estate Investment Calculator

Price: Free | Team: iMLS LLC | Platform: iOS
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Tag Line: The ultimate tool for real estate investors who are flipping properties

Designed for real estate investors who flip properties, Property Fixer allows you to analyze a property in 5 minutes – entering some basic information about the property generates an analysis showing profit and ROI for a flip. Enabling you to crunch numbers and conduct due diligence on a property quickly, this app can help investors make a quick decision on a property, or allow an agent to generate and email a flip analysis for their clients, without returning to the office.


Looking for Real Estate Analysis Beyond the Capabilities of an App?

With any of the apps on this list, you can make quick decisions using reliable financial data. However; placing the proper valuation on a property is just the beginning of your endeavor. Calculating the approximate value of a property can be valuable in a pinch; however, you’ll need a full, in-depth, and accurate appraisal from a professional commercial property appraiser. You may even need future help with property management and development services. That’s when you know it’s time to call The Robert Weiler Company!

The Robert Weiler Company will work with you to determine the best course of action, and, if needed, help you develop a customized package of services tailored to your needs. Contact The Robert Weiler Company today at 614-221-4286 and discover how they can make your real estate more profitable.


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