How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Rental Property

Commercial Rental Property Curb AppealThey say you should never judge a book by its cover; though, when it comes to a commercial rental property, this adage doesn’t quite ring true. Many potential tenants of available rental properties won’t take the time to see the inside if the outside doesn’t entice them. If the outside of your property does meet their standards, however, they will feel compelled to take a peek at the inside.

Give Your Commercial Rental Property Some TLC

In addition to catching their eye, prospective renters are typically willing to pay more when the available property appears beautiful and well-maintained. Read on to discover the top ways your property management team can improve the curb appeal of your commercial property for rent… and fill vacancies faster!

Change of Perspective

When we are closely attached to something in life, it can be difficult to see any flaws; our properties are no different! That’s why it’s vital to take a step back, literally. Cross the street or walk up the block and observe your lot from the perspective of the average passerby. Do you think their first impression is positive or negative? If it’s negative, identify concrete issues that may be contributing to this; analyze the healthiness of the lawn and trees, condition of the fences, quality of the paint job, and any litter or clutter around the property. Work on fixing these elements first, as it’s the primary aspect that the public at large will notice.

Time to Zero In

Once you’ve viewed your commercial property rental from afar and remedied any problems you identified, it’s time to get up close and personal. Take a good look at the windows, doors, siding, gutters, roof, porches, steps, and parking lot/driveways. Are any of these elements dirty, broken, and/or outdated? If so, it’s smart to make the necessary updates; you don’t want potential renters getting turned off at the last minute by small details that are typically easy to fix.

Get Creative

Now that you’ve eliminated any potential eyesores, be proactive and beautify your property by making it more inviting with small improvements. Put up a brand new sign proudly showing off the name of your available property for rent. Or, depending on the time of year, plant colorful flowers and/or shrubbery, or decorate for an upcoming holiday. Improving the curb appeal of your commercial property is a wise investment that will pay off in the long run. As a result, you can find yourself with an increased amount of tenants who are willing to pay a bit extra to live or work in a clean, up-to-date, beautiful space.

Trust The Robert Weiler Company

If you want to explore further ways to improve the curb appeal for your commercial rental property, The Robert Weiler Company would be happy to assist! We’re a full-service commercial real estate and appraisal firm with over 75 years of expertise in Columbus, Ohio and the entire Central Ohio region. This gives us a competitive advantage in the market and a value that you won’t find at any other firm. Call our property management team today at 614-221-4286. We’re eager to hear from you!


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