How to File a Complaint Against a Central Ohio Commercial Real Estate Professional

Central Ohio Commercial Real Estate | File ComplaintHave you ever been in a situation where you felt as though you were wronged by a licensed Central Ohio commercial real estate professional? While we hope you never find yourself in this circumstance, there are times where a “professional” may not do his or her job properly. Fortunately, you are not without resources to try to rectify the situation. Filing a complaint against a certified Ohio commercial real estate professional comes with a variety of options, as outlined below.

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Option 1: File a Formal Complaint with the “Division”

In Central Ohio, a formal complaint as a result of a negative experience with a commercial real estate agent, commercial real estate broker, commercial REALTOR, or any other professional in the realty industry will be filed with Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing – the “Division.” However, keep two essential facts in mind:

  • The Division does not have the authority to void contracts.
  • The Division does not have the authority to reimburse you for the money you have lost.

The Division’s purpose is to resolve your complaint through a formal investigation of your case. To file a complaint, you must have completed a form, providing the full details for review. You may do this on or by calling their main office at 614-466-4100. On your form, you must provide as much detail as possible. Understand that you could be asked to testify.

Note: You must specify how you would prefer to resolve this complaint.

You may email or snail mail copies of your complaint to the Division for formal review. If you have chosen mediation from the Division for resolution of your complaint, the Division will attempt to contact the Central Ohio commercial realty or commercial real estate professional you hired, and the process will continue.

Of course, not everyone is interested in a longer, more formal complaint process such as this; in that case, there is a relatively easier option…


Option 2: File a Complaint with the Commercial Realty or Broker/Agent

If you have found yourself working with a Central Ohio commercial real estate broker or agent associated with a larger commercial real estate company, you may have some luck in filing a complaint with the company, specifically. The commercial agent or broker you worked with will likely report to a manager; that person is whom you’ll want to speak with about your dissatisfaction.

It is best to request your meeting in person so that all of your information can be presented formally and without confusion. Bring anything that supports your complaint with you to the meeting.

Remember, consumer protection agencies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are on your side. If you find that you cannot resolve the issue with the manager, nor the commercial broker or agent, and a formal complaint is not an option, be sure to file a complaint with the BBB.

In the commercial real estate industry, there are numerous organizations and associations with which many professionals are affiliated. Find out whether or not the commercial broker or agent you dealt with belonged to a specific commercial REALTOR association (or other association), and file a complaint with them.


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