14 Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Blogs, Books & Podcasts

Commercial Real Estate Investment BlogsEvery year, new commercial real estate investment blogs and podcasts are started and books published. They all promise to have the best secrets and latest tips on CRE investing, but which resources are worth your time? Whether you are a seasoned commercial real estate investor or just entering the game, it’s important to have “go-to” resources to support – or strengthen – your growth in the industry. As a top commercial real estate company in Columbus, Ohio, our expert CRE team frequently reviews various CRE blogs, books, and podcasts to ensure we stay at the top of our game.

Here are the top commercial real estate investment resources that we suggest you look into:

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The Robert Weiler Company Blog

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own blog on this list! Find comprehensive guides on all aspects of CRE, from commercial real estate investment to brokerage, commercial appraisal, CRE development, property management, and much more. We dive deeply into each topic to educate our readers while arming them with strategies for making lucrative real estate decisions whether they’re buying or selling; seasoned or just breaking into the business.

WMRE (Wealth Management Real Estate)

A comprehensive compilation of commercial real estate news and analysis. They cover trends and research that focus on commercial real estate investment, finance, development, and leasing. You can also join their free daily e-newsletter.

CREtech Blog

Technology has transformed every part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that the commercial real estate industry is any different. Look no further for the latest and most high-tech CRE news than the CREtech Blog (also check out their main site, cretech.com). CREtech focuses solely on the technology aspect of commercial real estate. From helpful software to futuristic virtual reality, this blog will surely keep you interested and inspired.

Urban Land Magazine

Want to gain a worldwide viewpoint on the market trends of sustainability and development? Urban Land magazine (from Urban Land Institute) has a wealth of insight.


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Long-Distance Real Estate Investing: How to Buy, Rehab, and Manage Out-of-State Rental Properties by David Greene

One of the top commercial real estate books on the market, Long-Distance Real Estate Investing helps commercial investors think outside of the box and find, purchase, rehab, and manage commercial investment properties outside of their local area. Learn to make your commercial investment property work hard for you.

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases by Martin I. Zankel

Unlike typical commercial leasing books that only skim the surface and offer sample lease forms, Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases dives deeply into the critical issues addressed by each clause of a commercial lease; and Zankel shows perspectives for both the landlord and tenant. This book also covers specific commercial real estate negotiating strategies. It’s a comprehensive commercial leasing guide for CRE investors, owners, landlords, property managers, and tenants.

The Real Estate Game: The Intelligent Guide To Decisionmaking And Investment by William J. Poorvu

Harvard Business School professor and a seasoned real estate investor, Poorvu shares his expertise in the area of commercial investment properties. Using relatable, easy to understand language, The Real Estate Game is a comprehensive guide for seasoned CRE investors.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

One of the most influential and best-selling books of all time, Carnegie’s self-help book is a staple for entrepreneurs, public figures, and influencers. Since its original publication in 1936, How to Win Friends & Influence People has gone on to sell over 30 million copies. So, why are we including it in this list of the top commercial real estate books? This book covers topics such as making friends, increasing your popularity, and influencing people’s way of thinking. However, you will also learn how to lead and be a better salesperson, strengthen your speaking skills, and become a more engaging conversationalist. The rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book is an asset to all leaders and business people, and specifically commercial real estate investors.

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie & Associates

We had to include the updated version of How to Win Friends & Influence People! Released in 2011 on the 75th anniversary of the original landmark bestseller, is a modern adaptation of Carnegie’s timeless principles. This book will undoubtedly introduce new listeners to Carnegie’s words of wisdom, with a new guide for the digital age.


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The Commercial Investing Show

Hear about the latest strategies on commercial real estate investment and other ways to generate additional streams of income. In addition to audio podcasts, The Commercial Investing Show also produces video podcasts, special reports, and newsletters.

Limitless: How to Crush It in Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re new to commercial real estate investment or want to breathe new life into your commercial investment property portfolio, Limitless will inspire you! Hear how some of the most successful commercial real estate brokers, investors, CEOs, and others in the field, hustled their way to the top.

CREative Commercial Real Estate Show

Get insight into the creative strategies used by top commercial real estate brokers, developers, investors, and other CRE professionals. They cover a vast array of CRE topics in their episodes, with the goal of equipping their listeners with the tools to problem-solve and reach their full creative potential.

CRE Radio & TV

This site is chock-full of CRE podcasts, videos, and blogs surrounding the commercial real estate industry. All content is original and features interviews with CRE influencers, as well as events, issues, and ideas in commercial real estate today.


BiggerPockets’s YouTube channel offers a wealth of resources for commercial real estate investors across all levels. From analyzing commercial investment property deals to tips on how to find commercial real estate, and so much more, this is your one-stop commercial real estate investment shop!


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