Property Managers Columbus Scam: Landlords and Renters… Beware!

Property Managers Columbus | ScamWhen it comes to the commercial property managers Columbus, Ohio has to offer, scams may be somewhat harder to detect than the Nigerian Prince who wants to share his millions with you, but they are plentiful, nonetheless. These scam artists can defraud both renters and property managers; so both ends of the spectrum need to beware of deception. Below are some tips to avoid being taken for a ride.

Commercial Property Renters: Don’t Be Fooled

From the perspective of a potential renter, there are several ways to best avoid being defrauded by con artists pretending to be rental property managers Columbus trusts. One way that has developed recently is a new website called; it’s a cost-effective method that allows you to find a lot of useful background information easily.

More traditional methods include the following:

  • Contact the Columbus Chamber of Commerce to investigate.
  • Be very inquisitive; the more questions the supposed commercial property managers can answer without stumbling, the better.
  • Make sure you meet at an office that seems legitimate.
  • Check property listings websites to make sure the property isn’t listed more than once.
  • Pay in a traceable way (no cash or money orders).
  • Find out if the Columbus real estate property is in foreclosure; if it is in foreclosure, it cannot be legally rented, so it is definitely a scam.

Landlords and Commercial Property Managers: Stay Vigilant

For the landlords and commercial property management companies Columbus, Ohio is home to, there are also several steps you can take:

  • Post all pictures of the property with a watermark so it cannot be copied and used by others.
  • Check websites regularly for other real estate in Columbus, Ohio to see if someone else has listed your property without your consent.
  • Don’t hand out keys to the property until the prospective tenants’ deposits have cleared.
  • Get as much information on your potential renter as you can (be very inquisitive).
  • Be somewhat vague in your property listing (list the neighborhood, but not the street address so that it’s harder for someone else to fraudulently list your property).
  • If you do see a listing of your property but you did not list it, try reporting it to the site owner; also try contacting the Columbus Chamber of Commerce to see if there’s anything they can do.

Seek Help from Commercial Property Management Companies Columbus, Ohio Trusts

If you are in Columbus, Ohio, there is another way to make sure a rental transaction is valid: rely on The Robert Weiler Company. Our sterling reputation extends over 75 years in the industry. We offer a full-service commercial real estate experience, which includes appraisal, brokerage, consultation, development, and property management services. So if you are looking for professionals to manage your property and weed out delinquents, reach out to us. Or if you are a commercial renter looking to avoid getting scammed, having The Robert Weiler Company’s brand attached to your property is a foolproof way to make sure your rental transactions go smoothly.

Contact the commercial property managers Columbus, Ohio trusts at 614-221-4286.


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