Columbus Property Managers: Why Join National Association of Residential Property Managers?

Columbus Property Managers | NARPMAs experienced Columbus property managers, one thing is for certain: you are always looking for ways to better the lives of your clients. One of the ways you do that is by enhancing your experience and qualifications. While there are various licenses and certifications that you can obtain, some stand out among the rest as the best of the best in Columbus real estate.

And you want to stand out, too.

Have you considered joining the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®)?

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NARPM®: What You Need to Know as a Columbus Property Manager

Let’s face it; Columbus property managers face many industry challenges. Try as you might talk with your friends and family about your trials and tribulations; however, few people understand how to solve your problems proactively. Fortunately, associations exist to help property management professionals in Columbus network, learn tools to better do their job, and brainstorm new strategies.

Founded in 1988, NARPM® provides a permanent trade organization for the property management industry.

  • The organization represents all property managers and their clients.
  • The organization promotes a high standard of ethics among members.
  • NARPM® promotes a way to raise education in the profession.
  • NARPM® represents the best interest of property managers in all states throughout the country.
  • NARPM® works hard to serve as a way for members to communicate and network.

NARPM works hard to be “… the professional, educational, and ethical leader for the residential property management industry,” according to their mission. They work with real estate professionals to provide a learning environment.

They work to fill the void between Columbus property managers and their clients and represent them in a way that benefits all parties.


How To Become a NARPM® Member

There are many ways to get involved with NARPM®.

  1. Professional members – Those who actively manage residential properties in states that require professional licensing. They may also be an employee of a company or property owner who handles the aspects of property management. They have completed the current NARPM® Code of Ethics training.
  2. Support specialist members – Those who support a professional member but do not act in a way that requires a license in their state.
  3. Affiliate members – These companies serve and supply residential property management professionals.

NARPM® currently has over 6,000 members. If you work in Columbus OH real estate, how can you become one of them? Visit and start to take advantage of the various membership benefits today. All you have to do is fill out an application online, and you can start receiving:

  • Educational programs
  • Access to the National Annual Convention and Trade Show
  • Current industry news
  • Listserv access
  • Listing on their national website
  • And more…


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