Joining the Class: Become One of the Elite Commercial Real Estate Developers

Commercial Real Estate Developers - PathwayWe doubt you dreamed of becoming one of the many commercial real estate developers as a kid. But, once you got older and realized that you can’t dunk like Michael Jordan, or becoming an astronaut like Neil Armstrong wasn’t in your cards, this may have been a more realistic – yet fulfilling – career goal. If you have an interest in becoming a commercial real estate developer, we’re here to highlight the path to getting started.


1.) Go to College and Hit the Books!

That expensive piece of paper that says, “I went to college for years, after high school, to get ahead in life” is a necessity on your way to becoming one of the elite commercial real estate developers. Most employers in this field look for candidates that have bachelor’s degrees in real estate, finance, or business administration. It would also help if you held a certificate from a real estate development program, which is offered at many colleges and universities. The reason employers look for people with degrees in real estate, finance, or business administration is simple: the focus in the field is on monetary values of property investments; these areas of education will help obtain the skills relating to finance, management, and accounting – all of which are vital to being successful on the job.

2.) Become Licensed & Continue Your Education

A real estate license is necessary to professionally buy and sell property, with states, such as Ohio, setting their own requirements. And just because you passed the exam doesn’t mean your education stops there. Many requirements and topics in real estate are constantly evolving; to be consistently successful, you have to be on top of and well aware of them all.

3.) Gain Real-World Experience

If your goal is to specialize in the commercial real estate development niche, you should keep yourself involved in the real estate industry – specifically focusing on commercial real estate. You ideally should have a job that involves real estate buying or development; as such, you could obtain as much relevant knowledge as possible while working and gaining real-world experience.


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