Alterra Real Estate vs. The Robert Weiler Company: Columbus Chooses

Alterra Real Estate vs The Robert Weiler CompanyIt’s no wonder that everyone wants to live here. Columbus has the top commercial real estate companies, such as The Robert Weiler Company, Alterra Real Estate, and more. Columbus also offers a plethora of choices when it comes to dining, leisure, business, and of course, shopping. And, when it comes to access, talent, and value, Columbus has it all – the number one metro in the United States for Global 500 headquarters, the 15th fastest growing city in the nation, and a cost of living below the national average.

At The Robert Weiler Company, our job seems almost easy with all of the choices available in Columbus, Ohio. In fact, we’re not surprised that individuals, families, and businesses love it here. That’s why we’ve spent the last 80 years in business, right here in Columbus. We don’t need the statistics, facts, and Ohio trivia to understand why, when you choose, you choose Columbus. After all, we chose it, too!

After you choose Columbus, however, you have a very important decision to make: Which commercial real estate companies will you ask to help you navigate your way through the real estate process?

Born Here. Raised Here.

We know that we have competition for your interest. In fact, our competitors downtown at Alterra Real Estate will tell you that they can help you buy or lease the property you are looking for. They have expertise in the commercial real estate industry – because in this industry, you must.

But do they have over 80 years of experience?

  • The Robert Weiler Company opened its doors in 1938 with a passion for the commercial real estate industry.
  • Our firm has helped to not only build up the lives of people like you, but also the great city of Columbus.
  • During 1945, in addition to commercial real estate services, The Robert Weiler Company began offering property development services, as well; we have literally helped develop this community.

Can Alterra Real Estate provide you with this history?

Working with You. Working for You.

Most commercial real estate agents at Alterra Real Estate firm will work with you to find you the property in which you are seeking. At The Robert Weiler Company, we will do that… and more! Our CRE firm is a full-service commercial real estate agency. We offer a multitude of commercial real estate services, including property appraisal services, brokerage services, property management services, and consulting services, as well as property development services. We believe that when it comes to commercial real estate, it is not just about working with you to help you find what you need; our CRE brokers and certified appraisers make sure you are completely satisfied and protected in your investments. We want you to find your place in Columbus the way we have found our over the past 80+ years.

Now that you have decided on Columbus for the location of your next property, your next step is deciding on a CRE firm. Choose the firm that gives you the most enduring sense of value, as well as expertise, commitment, and level of service. We have love for our commercial real estate colleagues at Alterra Real Estate, but look forward to serving you with the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism you deserve. Call The Robert Weiler Company at 614-221-4286 and get the ball rolling.


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