Go Green To Make Green: 5 Ways Commercial Property Owners Can Celebrate Earth Day

Eco-Friendly Commercial Property OwnersThe remarkable strides that have been made to the technology used to run our homes and businesses over the last few decades, alone, wouldn’t feel out of place in a Ray Bradbury novel; but “Going Green” is far from a 21st century concept. Solar power heaters were in common use in the early 1900s; and as far back as the 1800s, many portions of the American West utilized wind technology to aide in providing power for irrigation, setting the stage for wind power’s resurgence a century later.

Even with all of the viable eco-conscious advancements we’ve made over the years, it’s the simplest steps that can leave the biggest impact on both the planet AND your wallet! So what steps can you, as a commercial property owner, take to ensure that you remain sustainable, operate cleaner, and function more efficiently? Below are 5 easy pointers that can really make a big difference this Earth Day.

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5 Ways Commercial Property Owners Can Go Green

1. Solar: Going solar makes both financial and environmental sense; and the numbers speak for themselves. Commercial solar installations have increased by 487% over the past 5 years alone. Furthermore, some figures show that solar has helped reduce energy bills by as much as 90%. As such, it’s not hard to see why many commercial property owners are turning to solar. Not to mention that there are a number of tax incentives for going solar, too; so research what your state has to offer.

2. Water: Conserve water by fixing leaks and installing low-flow fixtures. A low-flow showerhead can save over 7 gallons per minute. You can also use dual-flush toilets to maximize the amount of water you save.

3. Lighting: Update your old lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs to save up to 75% of your overall energy use! If you’re looking to further reduce your impact beyond the simple change of a light bulb, why not use automated timers to shut down lights when the building isn’t in operation?

4. Air: Improve overall air quality of your building by implementing more thorough cleaning practices, including (but not limited to) dusting regularly with microfiber cloths, using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and cleaning/replacing floor mats and rugs on a regular basis.

5. Heating/Cooling: We all want to be comfortable in the summer and winter months, but energy efficiency is possible with a smarter approach to your heating and cooling system. Reduce your overall energy consumption by 10% with an activity as simple as turning down your heating and cooling system when you or your tenants are not in the building.

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