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The foundation of our company rests on trust. And, the expertise of our commercial real estate professionals is what holds that foundation together.

The Robert Weiler Company is a full-service commercial real estate and appraisal firm; however, a deeper look inside our firm will show you that we are much more than that. So, what do we believe in? We embrace the value of relationships. We are committed to understanding your unique needs. We are keen on getting you what you want. Our 80 years in the business give us a competitive advantage in the market… a value that you won’t find from any other firm specializing in commercial real estate in Columbus, Ohio or beyond. Continue reading >>>

Commitment to Excellence

Our passion and expertise are only the beginning. It takes reliable guidance, in-depth market knowledge, and strong negotiation skills to achieve success in the Columbus real estate industry—as well as in Central Ohio and beyond. Three generations of family leadership have worked hard to maintain the success and integrity of The Robert Weiler Company; we will continue to provide intelligent and creative decision-making skills with each deal.

We understand that when it comes to appraisal and commercial real estate, Columbus Ohio wants a company in which you can trust. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for top-level industry proficiency and strive for nothing less than the best.

And, we bring this to the table with every project, because we’re committed to you. We’re committed to your expectations and goals. We’re committed to excellence.

You’re Not Just a Client

The commercial real estate marketplace in Columbus, Ohio can be ruthless. Don’t become blindsided with inadequate preparation, a dearth of knowledge, or lack of strategy. Let us be your “go-to” team. We’re all part of the same community, wanting what’s best for the Columbus area. And, as your partner, we want what is best for you. We appreciate that you are making the decision to invest in our community. So, let us invest in you and your success.

Above & Beyond Your Expectations

    The Robert Weiler Company offers a complete package of commercial real estate services, such as:

  • Real Estate Appraisal Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Property Development Services
  • Property Management Services

Whether you need help with preliminary sales, buying or selling a property, real estate appraisals, property or land development, or managing your property, our team can help. Or if you simply have a question or need advice, our real estate consulting services can provide you with a solution. We are your team in the commercial real estate market.

As a trusted commercial real estate expert since 1938, we’ve been at the forefront of some of the most notable properties in Columbus, OH, and throughout Central Ohio. For as long as you need us, whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. Call us today at 614-221-4286 for the best service when it comes to the commercial real estate Columbus, Ohio offers.

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