Discovering the Best Central Ohio Real Estate Deals

Some people see the springtime as the perfect time of the year to clean out their attic, but springtime also means amazing Central Ohio real estate deals! For an investor, it may seem like a no brainer. Tax season ended not too long ago, you closed out another year of investments and finances, and it is time to start fresh. Why not start by discovering the best real estate Central Ohio has to offer, and adding to your pool of investments?

How to Find Great Real Estate Deals

The tricky thing about seeking out Central Ohio real estate during this time of the year is now that the weather is nice, it may seem as though you are not the only one looking… and you are right! However, if you know the tricks of the trade, you can beat your fellow real estate hunters at their game, and come out on top. While some of these tips may seem elementary (read: duh), you would be surprised by how many top-notch real estate investors have not thought to do these things.

A Real Estate Investor’s Top 10 List of Hidden Tricks:

  1. Create your own Central Ohio real estate investor website or blog. If this is your niche, why not let the world know that you are looking?
  2. Drive through your ideal neighborhoods in Central Ohio. Real estate postings are not always listed in the newspaper or online; they may come in the form of a sign in front of a property.
  3. Seek out foreclosures – This means you may need to form a relationship with banks, auction owners, and sheriff sales.
  4. Scour the Internet for listings – even eBay and Craigslist auctions may surprise you.
  5. Make the most of your network. Believe it or not, there are many professional associations where investors can gather.
  6. Consider contacting a property wholesaler.
  7. Look in the newspaper under the section “for sale by owner” – these are often buyers who are looking to sell quickly, and you can capitalize on this.
  8. Target landlords – Call rental properties and offer to buy them. Managing rental properties is not for everyone… but maybe being a property manager is for you!
  9. Create your own classified ad. Doesn’t it feel like all you see are classified ads about homes and properties for sale? Why not create an ad stating that you are looking to buy? That might gain some attention.
  10. Reach out to Columbus OH real estate agencies in the area. Draft a letter to agents in the area and ask them to be on the lookout for you – you need an army of real estate agents to target all of the ideal Central Ohio real estate properties.
Of course, you have to know what to look for, and you have to have access to the right market. Did you know that at The Robert Weiler Company, our agents could conduct a property search in Columbus Ohio, or throughout Central Ohio for you? Our goal for the last 75+ years has been to help people just like you find the exact Central Ohio real estate they are looking for. Give us a call today and let us know how we can do that for you.