Brokerage Services

The Robert Weiler Company is proud of its roots: Our founder, A. Robert Weiler, the first-generation Weiler, started as a small commercial property broker in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Today, we’ve not only expanded to become a full-service real estate firm, but we are one of the most sought-after commercial real estate brokers in the industry.

Our clients keep coming back because we are passionate about our community and delivering the best service. As a real estate brokerage firm, we provide our expert knowledge of the commercial real estate market, in Columbus and beyond, ensuring that your property is sold or rented. For over 75 years, we’ve had a track record of integrity, honesty, and reliability… a powerful combination that is valuable to you.

A Rare Quality

As a commercial property broker, our approach to commercial real estate is one that is rarely found within the industry. We are truly invested in the Columbus community—and throughout the Ohio region—and we’re enthusiastic about building communities in which families and businesses can prosper. That’s why we’re the best sales team for your property; we’re engaged in the progress of the area.

This is how we give you what you need.

Your Success is Our Success

Focusing on sales, acquisitions, and leasing, our brokers can assist with the development of:

Once you have found your place in our community, it is our job to help you achieve success. Our brokerage staff is highly trained and specialized in your needs. When you work with us, you’ll have a partner, who is with you at the start and takes you to the finish line.

We do this by combining our development services along with:

Trusted Commercial Property Broker

When you come to The Robert Weiler Company for your real estate brokerage needs, you’ll get the full package. No matter which stage of the process, or where you are looking to grow, you can be confident with our trusted team by your side.

Call us today (614-221-4286) to begin working with a seasoned commercial property broker at The Robert Weiler Company. Let’s grow together!