What’s Happening on www.columbusrealtors.com?

As a commercial real estate professional, here in Central Ohio, surely you have heard of www.columbusrealtors.com – right?

COLUMBUS REALTORS®: Prime Real Estate for Realtors

Between all of the courses, certifications, and requirements of a real estate agent, it may feel like it is hard to keep up with the profession nowadays. For Columbus realtors, that is exactly why www.columbusrealtors.com exists: to provide trusted guidance and a source of information in real estate. For the elite group that has taken the extra step to become a member of the local REALTORS® association, there are immense benefits. Whether its committees and events, educational courses, or support services for members, Columbus REALTORS® is a full service organization – meeting every real estate agents’ needs.

Beyond Benefits

You can build a house, but it’s that something extra that makes it a home. Columbus REALTORS® is no different. They know that you can become a real estate agent, but it takes something extra to be truly special. Here is what www.columbusrealtors.com offers: And that’s just the beginning…

Everything You Need in One Place

As real estate agents, we understand the value of having everything you need in one place. We often pride ourselves, here at The Robert Weiler Company, in our ability to understand the Columbus community, real estate, and offer property management, appraisal, and brokerage services for that community. We know just as well as you do that when you have everything you need in one place, it makes life a whole lot easier. One visit to www.columbusrealtors.com and anyone can have access to real estate industry news; but as a member of the organization, there is so much more in store for you! As a real estate professional in Ohio, staying up-to-date on all of this information is not just important, it is essential to the advancement of your career. With that in mind, have you signed up for any upcoming classes or events? 2015 is here before we know it and it’s important to keep career development a top priority. You can learn to use your iPad as a business tool, or take a class on real estate data accuracy. Now is the time to stand out among your peers and Columbus REALTORS® can help you do it! Trust us… The Robert Weiler Company has been in business for 75 years, and still uses www.columbusrealtors.com as a valuable resource.