What’s in a Name: Weiler

The Robert Weiler Company is a family owned and operated commercial real estate firm based in Columbus Ohio, with multi-generations contributing to the firm’s growth, a stellar reputation, and great impact on the many Central Ohio communities. A. Robert Weiler founded the firm in 1938, and since then, more generations have come on board; in 1957, Robert J. Weiler, Sr. (known to colleagues and family as “Bob”) joined the firm, and in 1985, Robert J. Weiler, Jr. (affectionately known as “Skip”) became the third generation to join the family real estate business. While the family history of The Robert Weiler Company is rich, what may be richer is the history of the family name.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions, Then Meet

Anyone could talk a good game, but being prepared to ask detailed and open-ended questions of the prospective tenant for your rental properties in Columbus Ohio means you’ll be better equipped to choose a quality candidate. The first set of questions should be conducted in an interview via phone, followed by an in-person meeting.

The Weiler Name Origins

We have an affinity for farmland and Ohio farms for sale, which makes sense, since the name Weiler comes from the Latin word “vilare,” which means farmstead. This name is referred to as a topographic name, meaning the original Weilers were people that lived near a distinct area that was surrounded by or defined by hills, trees, or some other recognizable outdoor feature. Earlier origins of the name are derived from an aristocratic background, including Hermann von Weiler, who was there for the very beginning of the St. George’s Abbey in the Black Forest monastery in Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald, which is in the Southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Other Notable Weilers

We take tremendous pride in being well respected and well known in Central Ohio, but we aren’t unaware of the other greats that have shared our name across the globe. There have been settlers, athletes, writers, and more bearing the Weiler last name. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

Enough About Us; Let’s Talk About What You Need!

We’ve talked enough about our family and the origins of our name; we’re more interested in knowing about you and what type of Columbus real estate you’re looking for! Every broker, appraiser, and other team member of The Robert Weiler Company is ready and available to help you find whatever you’re looking for. We’ve served as Ohio’s real estate resource for 80 years now, and are extremely proud of the extraordinary level of services we offer. Call us today at 614-221-4286; we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your commercial real estate questions. It’s likely that someone named Weiler will answer your call!