Robert Weiler: A Lifelong Leader in Columbus Real Estate

For 80 years, The Robert Weiler Company has been one of the best commercial real estate companies in Columbus Ohio because of its unparalleled experience, industry knowledge, and attention to detail. In addition, they are a “one-stop shop” for commercial real estate, assisting clients with their commercial real estate development, Ohio land appraisal, commercial property brokerage, and property management service needs. But, who has been the lifeblood of the company for nearly six decades?

Columbus Real Estate… Born Within

The Robert Weiler Company opened its doors in 1938; however, Robert J. Weiler, Sr., otherwise known as Bob Weiler, didn’t join his father (and founder), A. Robert Weiler, until 1957. Nonetheless, Bob Weiler followed his father’s passion for the commercial real estate development and the Columbus real estate community, becoming president in 1970, and eventually becoming Chairman of the Board, today. One could argue that the passion Bob shared with his father was born within him; although it was much more than passion that would build the company to its current success. He needed real estate knowledge, commitment to ideals and principles, and education.

He had to start his journey somewhere…

Growing up under his father’s wings, Robert Weiler spent much time as a child playing in a variety of new housing developments (later finished by the company he would eventually lead); however, he understood the importance of knowledge and pursued a variety of degrees that would help him catapult The Robert Weiler Company to the next level. Some of his educational achievements include: Not only did he strive for educational success, Bob wanted to impart his learning on others and has served on the faculty of The Ohio State University, Franklin University, and Capital University Law and Graduate Schools. And, of course, you may have seen him give a lecture or two at The Ohio Association of Realtors – where he is a regular.

A Family Tradition

In 1938, when A. Robert Weiler founded his commercial real estate company, he never could have dreamed of the immense success that would be in front of him. It was that same passion that brought three generations of Weilers to lead the company. Robert J. Weiler, Jr. – or “Skip,” as he is affectionately known – has continued to bring the tradition of community and real estate to this family business since 1985. Sharing in his father’s (and grandfather’s) passion for real estate, Skip knew that the business was tough, but he wanted to continue to build up the family tradition that the generations before him worked so hard to create. In Ohio, we are glad to have all of the Weilers; without them, we would never have The Robert Weiler Company! Contact us at 614-221-4286 for all of your Columbus real estate needs. And you might just speak with Robert Weiler, Jr. (Skip), himself.