The Most Common Complaints About a Realtor in Columbus Ohio

As a realtor in Columbus Ohio, sometimes we feel like no matter what we do, Murphy’s Law gets in the way and something goes wrong. We have a lot of responsibility on our plates – making individuals’ property dreams come true and all… and we are dealing with huge investments. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things do happen.

How do we avoid them? The best thing we can do is understand some of the biggest complaints that buyers and sellers have about realtors, and aim to be sure that we don’t make those mistakes!

While there are quite a few – some might be human error and some might just be poor luck – we want to share the top 5 mistakes that we have seen buyers and sellers complain about.

Poor Communication

Unfortunately, this one is all too common. As a realtor in Columbus Ohio, we must remember that purchasing Columbus real estate is a big decision, both personally and financially. Buyers and sellers that trust in realtors to help them need us to keep an open and frequent line of communication, and keep them in mind often. We are doing a great deal of work on our clients’ behalf, but they won’t know about it if we do not tell them.

Breach of Contract

This one is tough – it can result in a lawsuit if not handled properly. This is a cause of action that is based upon the claim that one or more parties failed to perform under the terms of a contract. Real estate agents must do their due diligence to be certain that all the bases are covered to avoid this mistake.


Negligence is usually intentional. A realtor in Columbus Ohio may be accused of this in cases where the buyer or seller assumes that the agent knew something. For example, the buyer assumes that the real estate agent should have known there was termite damage to the property and revealed it to the buyer.

Misrepresentation of Property Value

This can occur when there are discrepancies in the appraisal value of a property and the actual estimate or real value of the property.


Some people feel that a Columbus Ohio realtor may push too much in either one direction or the other. This accusation usually comes about due to the feeling that there is a conflict of interest over honesty or commissions.

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