Tips for The Trans Continental Realty Buyer: How to Make It Happen

With the increasing popularity of reality shows that boast the thrill of hunting for a house internationally, have you considered being a trans continental realty owner?

Why Go Abroad for Real Estate?

Aside from the obvious explanation for making an investment in trans continental realty because you want to vacation in a place you have never been, there is more to the strategy than that. Buying a property overseas is arguably one of the better strategies for your investment portfolio, and can offer you a great return on investment. Plus…

How Can You Make it Happen?

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of making an investment in real estate abroad, you are probably wondering how to make it happen. Surely there are some guidelines and restrictions that are slightly different than investing in Central Ohio real estate, right? Deciding to invest overseas requires you to make your list and check it not twice but several times.
  1. How much space are you looking to obtain on the property?
  2. Who will manage the property when you are not there?
  3. Do you want to be in a major city or in the country?
  4. Will it be a turnkey, renovation, or something in the middle?
  5. How much local convenience do you want?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. Are you looking to rent; if so, how much can you rent for in the area?
  8. Who will help you with the real estate brokerage overseas if you do choose to rent?
  9. Will you live there eventually?
  10. Do you want the home to be furnished?
A real estate investment overseas can bring you extra income and double as your retirement plan, so long as you cover all of your bases. Making it happen is all about having the right people with you for the journey. Your first step is finding the right real estate agent to help with the process. Are you looking right now? Give The Robert Weiler Company a call at 614-221-4286. We’d love to travel to a tropical island with you… ahem, we mean help with your trans continental realty needs.