What Do Commercial Real Estate Consulting Firms Do?

Commercial Real Estate Consulting FirmsAcquiring a building and believe that a broker is your best resource? Why not seek out the help of one of the many commercial real estate consulting firms in Ohio? Are you aware that The Robert Weiler Company offers consulting services for any type of commercial real estate appraisal, acquisition, sale, and management?

It May Start with an Appraisal…

Whether you are selling a property or valuing your estate, a property appraisal can offer insight to a property’s true market value. And, if you need property appraised in Columbus or throughout the state of Ohio, The Robert Weiler Company has the foremost experts on hand. Our appraisal division is second-to-none when it comes to other commercial real estate consulting firms; it is filled with professionals in a variety of markets, from land to commercial offices, to industrial warehouses. We can help you with all of your property appraisal needs, including estate planning, real estate tax appeals, portfolio evaluations, and litigation support.

…And End with a Broker

The Robert Weiler Company – established by Columbus real estate broker, Robert Weiler – has not strayed from our founder’s roots, as we also specialize in commercial property brokerage services.We have the best in the business here to help you with sales, acquisitions, and leasing. These services apply to a variety of areas of commercial real estate, from commercial and office space to retail property, land development, and more. We’ve been at the forefront of major projects, such as the Polaris Centers of Commerce, Clipper Stadium, and HighPoint on Columbus Commons.

We’re Rooted in Development

We may have started as a broker in 1938, but as a precursor to today’s commercial real estate consulting firms, The Robert Weiler Company quickly became involved in major development projects; these projects have ranged from single-family subdivisions to major entertainment, retail, and commercial venues in Columbus. As such, once you have secured land or property necessary for growth, we can assist you in that growth. If you allow us to do so, one of our real estate developers will help you find the solution you need for the type of property you want to produce. Our ultimate goal is to bolster the overall community; we’re invested in making your land or property an asset for Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

Hey, You Might Just Need Some Management Help

We also offer property management services. These services will help you achieve a healthy balance between your income and expenses, and do so with great efficiency. Our property management services are stellar, and the work we put in is extensive. We can evaluate your commercial property, help you market it effectively, provide support with tenants, offer both legal and financial advice, and much more.

We Tie It All Together with Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Before any of this happens, though, we encourage each of our clients to utilize one of our most important services – commercial real estate consulting. With this service, we can guide our clients through making one of the most important decisions they may ever have to make. Regardless of the industry you’re in, your business is unique because you have your own set of goals and plans in mind. As a consulting firm for commercial real estate, our experts can help show you how to achieve your goals and make good on your plans. We do this by showing you the potential issues you can face down the road; we’ll develop strategies to help you not only deal with those issues, but also deal with your future successes; and we’ll provide you with the overall support your business needs to survive and excel. The type of questions we’re asked on a day-to-day basis involve whether our clients can afford to buy commercial real estate property now, business growth, business budgets, and transitioning to a larger business model without losing the hometown feel. What we will do is diagnose the client’s income, as well as their operational needs; then we present viable options based on the analysis. The hard work we will put in will give you the results you desire. And if you so desire a much larger piece of property that is close to your customer base, then we can make that happen.

Why Trust The Robert Weiler Company?

If you’re looking for commercial real estate in Ohio, you should ditch the rest and get the best: The Robert Weiler Company. We are your complete source of commercial real estate information and we won’t hesitate to offer sound and tailored advice; that’s the benefit of working with commercial real estate consulting firms such as ours. Give us a call at 614-221-4286 to set up your free consultation today.