Commercial Property for Lease Columbus Ohio: Landlords and the Commercial Lease

When working out a commercial lease for commercial property for lease, Columbus Ohio landlords and tenants both have different perspectives and interests. Although no two leases are alike, there are typically a core set of issues that must be addressed by one when it comes to real estate.

Before you lease commercial property in Columbus Ohio, as a landlord, you will want to consider many of the following questions – the following being the top three most pressing issues that should be addressed in any commercial lease.

The space is commonly referred to as the “demised premises.” This is the street address as well as the square footage that the space includes. This section of the lease will describe parking spaces as well. The lease must clearly define this to protect both the landlord and the tenant(s).

A commercial lease should always state what is included in the rental amount that is owed to the landlord. While most leases are gross leases – meaning all-inclusive in the sense that the tenant pays one sum, while the taxes, insurance, and maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord – there are some leases that vary. Understanding the difference is important for both the landlord and the tenant. It is a good idea to outline what is included in the rental agreement within the lease.

While a commercial property lease will clearly state the rental amount, it should also state how the rental rate is determined for the entire term of the lease. This can be done with a rental chart. If the rate is expected to increase, this included chart can explain that.

Keep in mind that, aside from asking the right questions, you will also want to keep a great deal of prominent information in mind when negotiating a lease with any prospective tenant. You have made an investment in commercial property and your relationship with your tenant is established in a commercial lease.

The more information you can obtain, the better off you will be in managing your Columbus real estate property and making the most of your investment.

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