Tips On Finding Profitable Columbus Ohio Rental Properties

Commercial real estate investing is a big decision. No one ever said it was for the risk-adverse; that’s for sure! Fortunately, Columbus Ohio rental properties offer a great return on investment over the long haul – you just need to know where to begin! When searching for a rental property in Columbus Ohio, you will want to begin with a list of aspects to consider. Once you focus in on these 10 criteria, you will have a better place to not only start your search, but also a good spot to speak with a Columbus real estate broker about your needs and get your search going seriously.
  1. The quality of the neighborhood
  2. The quality of the schools
  3. The crime rate
  4. The property taxes in the area
  5. Employment opportunities
  6. Local amenities
  7. The opportunities for future development and zoning
  8. Average price of rent in the area
  9. Amount of listings and vacancies in the area
  10. Insurance costs in the area
Now that you have an image of your ideal Columbus Ohio rental properties, it is time to talk about the numbers. You might have a notion of what the property taxes might be, but have you considered other factors – such as the mortgage or average cost of utilities to keep your property running? Investing in real estate is more than just signing on the dotted line. This means that you may have to consider property management Columbus OH! Consider these rental costs associated with rental property investment: You may choose to pay for a property management company to handle these things for you – but remember that these services incur a cost as well, so consider all aspects. You want to be certain that you weigh the dollars and cents to make sure that, in the end, everything makes logical sense. Purchasing real estate is only the first part of the process. Once you make the decision to invest – you have a long road ahead of you. The experienced team at The Robert Weiler Company believes that no one should have to tackle commercial real estate investment alone. That’s why when it comes to obtaining profitable Columbus Ohio rental properties, The Robert Weiler Company can be a valuable partner at your side. Speak with an advisor today by calling 1-614-221-4286.