If You’re in the Market for Columbus OH Real Estate, Consider The High Five

Columbus real estate can be tough to navigate if you’re not familiar with the area, but are looking to open up a new business location. It can be incredibly difficult to know where to start looking and how to find the location that will appeal to the types of customers that you’re hoping for. There is at least one short cut that will help. Why not take a look at The High Five? The High Five was originally an attempt to create a specific identity as a city for Columbus OH. Real estate there can be tough to acquire, since it’s primarily a five-mile stretch of road along High Street that links the five most popular districts in the city. It also gives you a general idea of the diversity of Columbus and how you can reach a variety of people. First, there is the University District. This is located near Ohio State University, and as a result, has a college-town atmosphere. Of all the possible Columbus OH real estate options, this is probably the most vibrant neighborhood you could choose, which holds a variety of concerts, sporting events, and festivals, as well as having an exciting night life. The Short North is the art district of Columbus OH. Real estate here tends to work with more sophisticated crowds. Although, that’s not to say that it doesn’t also have its bohemian flair. And the iconic arches that line the street are the reason why Columbus is also known as the Arch City. The Arena District is focused mostly around Nationwide Arena and Huntington Park, home of the Blue Jackets and the Clippers, respectively. This tends to be a little quieter of an area; a more down home feel than the previous two places. Next is Columbus Downtown, home of the Ohio Statehouse. It’s also home to a really diverse mix of businesses, from the headquarters of major corporations to local shops that have been there for years. There are also a number of parks like Columbus Commons and the Scioto Miles. Finally, there is German Village, a historic neighborhood just south of Downtown. This is an area that has worked very hard to keep up their image and a sense of their history. It has a variety of businesses like the Thurman Café and The Book Loft, which is one of the nation’s largest independent book stores. There are other places in Ohio to consider, but these districts can be great options due to the many different types of residents that live here. The diversity in these districts will enable you to find the right location for your business, Columbus OH Real Estate.