Buying Land for Sale in Ohio? Get an Environmental Site Assessment!

Land for Sale in Ohio | Get an ESA AssessmentAre you considering buying some of the land for sale in Ohio? When you reflect on all the state has to offer, who can blame you? With all of that said, if you are about to purchase Ohio land for sale, you are likely excited about the prospect. But before you jump the gun, you should consider something incredibly important: an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

What is an Environmental Site Assessment?

In the United States, before purchasing any land, a real estate developer or investor should go through the process of an Environmental Site Assessment. It is a report prepared for a real estate holding that can identify any potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. There are four phases of an Environmental Site Assessment; however, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) is what is meant to identify the potential for contamination of a site by hazardous or toxic materials.

What Does a Phase I ESA Entail?

Since there are multiple parts of an Environmental Site Assessment, it is important to understand the differences. Let’s start with Phase I, which includes: Keep in mind that the review of government records may take a long period of time; in order to ensure a quality assessment, you must allow for the right amount of time for this process to take place. This should be performed by a trained environmental professional who follows the correct standards for assessing land for sale in Ohio.

How Do I Find Environmental Professionals for an ESA?

Finding a professional to perform an Environmental Site Assessment for any land for sale in Ohio is easier than you think. You may look in many places, including:

Need Help Finding Land for Sale in Ohio or More Info on an ESA?

In Central Ohio, The Robert Weiler Company has shown an unsurpassed passion for the Columbus real estate market, as well as the people and opportunities in this great state. If you are interested in learning more about the land for sale in Ohio and are looking for an Environmental Site Assessment, call The Robert Weiler Company at 1-614-221-4286 to get started today.